Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Book prate

I got a book series I want to recommend. Usually I don't read Christian books 'cause a lot of them get preachy, preachy, but I like the J.D. Stanton mystery series.

This series talks about explaining science through faith and introduces the no nonsense J.D. Stanton, a retired Navy sub skipper. He renews his faith in the first book and the next two bring up theological  theories that explain certain science mysteries in a faith-based way. 

There are only three books so far but I hope there are more to come.  A ship possessed, vanished, and out of time

Check them out and see what you think. They are a nice read.

I got the books I ordered. So hopefully I'll have enough for the bookfest.  I can't wait until then. It should be fun though I don't know what to expect.

I still haven't worked on Flames.

I have 3 Beverly Connor books to go. I'm still on my reading gig.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Water is out!

Well, it's finally out.

I'm setting up a special with Earth and Fire for 99 cents July 28 thru July 30 to celebrate.

So if you don't have the first two, now's the time.

Sands is already cheaper so I left it at $1.99.

I'm excited about Ozark Indie bookfest. Keynote speakers, awards, and a party.  Should be fun. The party says book characters.  Hmmm. Wander if I'll see Sherlock or just romance heroines. :)

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Well, I reserved a table at Ozark Indie Bookfest.

Half a table anyway. I can't afford a whole table. The cost of half is hard enough.

I ordered a few books too.  Just a few. I don't have enough money for more than that right now.

Water is going to be out early--Monday. At least it should be so I can order a few copies. People are asking for them. I got three neighbors who are waiting and eager.

I've been reading some of Beverly Connor's Dianne Fallon books. Procrastinating writing Flames some more.:) 

Once I get in the mood to read I go at it almost compulsively. I read and read, and read--especially if it's a series. I don't stop until the last book is done or I lose interest for some reason. My case worker tried to get me interested in the Mortal Instruments series Thursday but I told her I didn't want to start another series.

So I ain't worked on Flames.

I did play on canva.com again. Did a few covers for my stories.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

a yabber

Tentative Date: July 20

There is the book fest coming up in October. I'm thinking about getting a table there but like I said I wouldn't have money 'til August. I'd like a full table but  I'll probably have to do a half. 

And I have to get books. 

I'm still procrastinating with Deadly Flames. I just ain't feeling it right now. Maybe I should re-write the beginning. I think that's what stopping me. The beginning just doesn't grab me like it should.

.I played a bit on canva.com. My Keeper story now has a cover as does one of my dragon stories.  Whether I'll use the covers I don't know but I like playing on Canva.