Thursday, May 25, 2017

End of May Tat

Sent the revised Water to Sharon.


So now it's a waiting game.

Going to go on Canva and make a FB Post so when it's published I can post it on FB sites. But I got to wait on that too until I got the revised cover. 

For Flames all I need is the 'bad guy'. 

I can write the first chapters with out 'him' but I'll have to introduce elements either way.  The first few chapters are the set up and discuss the crimes a bit. After that bits and pieces appear and sometimes even the 'bad guy' so I need to flesh out the character. I got scenes in my head but putting them down can be hard.

And sometimes the 'bad guy' is faceless.

Others "He' is the first I see.

The Elemental Voice series has four major books--Earth Reader, Fire Walker, Water Ferrier, & Wind Whisperer--while the companion series has three--Deadly Sands, Deadly Flames, & Deadly Waters. Aether is the last book in both series. 

I decided to do this group of books first. I have another group of books that are Sci-Fi.  I also have several standalone dragon books.  I have a group of three books that take one Idea in different directions.

These I already have ready to work on in my computer.

In my closet is a large box with more story ideas ready to input into my computer.

As my bio in my books says I started writing story ideas/scenes in high school. I just never finished one until Earth Reader.  The feeling I had when I held it in my hand!

I'll never get tired of the rush I feel every time I open the box and see my book.

Now if only they sell like Harry Potter!  :)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tatting names

Still working on names for Flame.

I decided the trooper will be female so Trav can get the girl. :)

I think the trooper will be Jonelle Selby. So that name is done.

Got to name the owners of the resort, the gameskeeper, a fishing guide, a spa worker, & three dead bodies. The resort serves its own meat & the fish caught by guests so it has a 'gameskeeper' and fishing guides. 

I think one of the dead bodies will be the gameskeeper--Neil Rafferty, sounds good. So another name down.

Monica and Howard Houghton--the owners. I flipped open the baby book, and M in girls and H in boys came up. My eyes lighted on Monica and Howard so closed the book and flipped it open again--H so Houghton. Good way as any to pick a name.

Let's see about the fishing guide.

G--Grady  and L--Lanz.  So Grady Lanz.

Getting this blog written seems to be good for getting the names done.

Dena is the spa worker.

I'll hold off on the dead bodies until I decide who they'll be, :)

I don't know if I want Seb the wedding planner to be flamboyant or elegant now that I've decided on him being a made vampire. There's a little time yet before I have to decide.

The transgender idea is still simmering.

Here's the formal cake.
Imagine it without the grapes and you have it almost perfectly.  A white 4 tier with a green vine.  Two sheet cakes are added for the rest of the Clan.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

A ramble

Fixed Water so it's revised.

Still working on names for Flames. I decided on "fiery" for the last name of the 'bad guy'.

I still haven't decided on whether the state trooper is going to be male or female. There's good arguments for both. Tension either way just different. I'm leaning more towards female right now. At least that way Trav may get the girl at the end. :)

As to Seb the wedding planner. I think I'll make him a made vampire.

For the 'bad guy' I like the transgender idea. Ole fashion ideals of gender roles but I may twist it up. A boy traumatized by hunting 'cause he's actually a girl. Hmmm.

I let everything simmer in my mind. Then I'll have an epiphany and suddenly I'll have the scenes in my head. Then I can just write.  Though I do have shifts in those scenes as I go along. Choices made changes things.

I found the rings.
Simple rings for a simple wedding. :)

With these two you know the wedding will be anything but simple. A dead body will definitely be on the guest list.

So look forward to that in Aether.

Vampire Basics of my world:
Made vamps live 500 to a thousand years while born vamps live at least two thousand.  Major damage to the spinal column or brain as well as beheading is the only way to kill a vampire. They heal within seconds, minutes at the most from stabbings or gunshot wounds.  For some reason animal wounds take longer.  Transfusing vampire blood or drinking a made vampire's blood can be fatal to humans.  Turning must be consensual or the human may go into a coma.  Mates and companions are off-limits to other vampires' feeding.  

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Begining Tat

👀May the fourth be with you!

Haven't worked much on Flames yet.

I got Water back from editor/proofreader. Going to work on the corrections next.

The state trooper is still up in the air. If it's a woman then there will be tension between her and Santino over how Santino treats both Trav and Nick. If a male then there can be tension between him and both Trav and Nick over how they treat her--as well as sexual tension between trooper and Santino. I got scenes with both scenarios in my head.

The trooper is going to be a reoccurring secondary character but he/she is sure taking up a lot of pre-story time.

I don't know which way I want to go with this. I got to decide soon 'cause the trooper shows up soon with the Warden. 

Thinking of switching up the gender of the bad 'guy' or having a transgender.

And I still don't have a name for any of them. :)

Flames' firebug has a method behind the madness. The firebug does have a fascination with fire but there's a reason behind the acts. I was think that 'cause she's a girl/trans she was 'banned' by the family from hunting and just made to cook the meat and listen to the stories.  Resentment built up.

Just a thought so far.

And Seb the wedding planner. Human or vamp?  Got to decide on that too in this book.

Nick's paying for the wedding. Or actually the Clan is. 

The pre-wedding bonding ceremony is classic black and white, though greenery will be added for Sara's sake.  The couple wears white while the wedding party and Clan wear black during this.  And during the actual wedding the black is exchanged for regular formal wedding wear with the Clan.

I saw this and said that's it:
I think it would go well with the dress.