Thursday, April 27, 2017

Last tat for April

I started on Flames.

Still don't have names for sure but figured I'd start anyway. I can hatch the names when I get to the characters. Worked on my first book soooo :)

The ex-boyfriend/ Warden is going to be named after my best male friend--well his first name anyway. Travis Mooreson sounds like a good name for a Warden. In my books Trav has been a priest and a fire investigator. And now a member of the Warden Service.  A best friend is anything you need him/her to be.  In this case literaturely.  :)

I don't know if I want the state trooper to be male or female. If female there can be some tension between Santino and the trooper over the Warden but the trooper isn't going to be there much. At least I don't think so. Hmmmm.

Flames has a firebug or at least that what everyone thinks. There's a method to his/her madness.

So far the bad guy's been a bad guy. Males are easier to corrupt. :)

Still undecided about Seb the wedding planner. Vamp or human. Hmm.

This is the wedding dress. The sparkles are diamonds. Nick picks it out for her and presents it to her.
What do you think?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Another Tat for April

Haven't worked on Flames yet.

I've been trying to figure out some names. The bad guy's name always has something to do with the element so I'm looking through my baby name book. I also need a name for the Warden and a state trooper.

 In Maine the Warden Service does a lot of the policing along with the state troopers.   I'm probably stretching things but it's my world.  :)

Santino's ex is a Warden. It was just a fling for her but he actually had--and still does have--feelings for her. So it's easy for her to insinuate herself. She's a royal b*t*h.

Nick's 'secret' unsurprisingly has to do with bloodlines.  There are direct lines and cadet lines. Cadet lines include vampires added into the clan by mating or 'contract'.  A Clan is not only one bloodline but 'family' in the broadest terms. 

Seb the wedding planner is Jonathan Sebastian.  I'm not sure if I want him to be human or a vampire yet. There are advantages to both. For right now I'm undecided.

I just let things flow when I write and things unveil themselves.  Pantser to the core! :)

Thursday, April 6, 2017


I decided I'll do Flames.

Two other people agreed I should to make Air/Wind make more sense. And they want to meet the wedding planner Seb.

He's hired in Flames and mentioned in Water. Seb's got to balance their differenting requirements. He's got his work cut out for him.

They also have a serious talk in Flames about their relationship as Santino's flirting brings up insecurities in Sara. The insecurities don't go away magically after their talk but she does learn a few things about Nick--and vampires in general. Can't change over night!  LOL!

Sara finds out Nick's 'secret' in Flames. It's one of the reasons Santino wants Nick's and Sara's bond broken. Plus Santino is used to males falling all over themselves to be with her. When one resists she has to break him!  ;)

Water is still being edited.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Brief begining Note for April

Still can't decide which book I should do next since Flames and Air/Wind are related.

Flames has Santino flirting and making a pain of herself with Nick. She shows up and makes a real nuisance of herself to her ex, who's a LEO, and Nick with her flirting and butting into the investigation. The bad guy burns a deer blind and a hunting cabin, then the gazebo of a hunting lodge that is also a spa. Sara just getting handle on her fire element but can still control it just gets unruly. I'm debating about the firebug's motive.

In Air/Wind Santino gets her comeuppance when she renews her flirting. She tries again to butt in but this time she pays fatally for her interference.

Soooo which should I do?

I'm leaning towards Flames.

The first page of Flames is done and I have a bible. I still need to flesh out the story.

I also still have Dragon, Scifi, and fantasy stories. Their ideas are loaded into my computer so I can access them when I want. I still have a lot of stories still on paper that I need to add to my computer.