Thursday, December 29, 2016

a bit of a tat

Got a pre-order for Sands!


Put a bit of an announcement on a few Facebook sites. Hopefully more will pre-order.
5 more days and it is officially out!

The New blog--

Worked a little on the Alliance book as a scene came up in my head so I got it out. I also added a blog about Customs.

On to Water...

Finished both Chapt. 6 and Chapt 7.  I started on Chapt. 8. 

Our heroes got some face-time with the bad guy who dropped a hint that he was going to either kill or dump a body that night.

They know the killer, the method, part of the reason why, but proving it is going to be a killer.  LOL!

This book is running along differently than the first two books. Maybe because the characters are changing a bit. I don't know. Water may be the shortest book of the main series or it could fall in line and be along with Fire.

Flames and Waters--

Still haven't touched either.

Wind whisperer and Aether are still up in the Air so to speak, :)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tinkering with stories

I set up a new blog for a story idea I had. Check it out and tell me what you think of it.

I've been tinkering with it instead of messing with the Voice books the last three days. I thought if I got it out and down then I might be able to get back to writing on Water.

On to Water.

I'm almost done with Chapt. 6. Two more pages and I should be done.

The bad guy has been intro'd and a troublemaker as well.

 And the bad guy has issued a challenge for our heroes.

I introduced a time element--pardon the pun :)  So the book may not be 20 chapters long this time. I'll see.

Flames and Waters--

Haven't touched either of them this week.

But Flames will have the wedding planner intro and some serious talk. They got to get to it if they want to get married by the Fifth Voice Book. LOL!

And Waters will have more wedding plans and deeper relationship issues.

Air or Wind Whisperer---

Maramee finally gets intro'd. I decided to wait and just mention her until this book. This book will bring a few things together, setting them up for the Fifth Voice Book Aether.


I have only two scenes in my head for this book. The wedding, of course is one.

I haven't even made a bible for this book yet.

So that's the status so far for my books this year.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sands Pre-Order is up!

As you can see, if you click on my book link, the kindle pre-order is up for Sands.  It is on schedule--actually ahead--and ready to go.

January 3rd is still the release date.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Proofs and things

Proof is read and marked and given to Sharon to correct on Amazon.

The  book looks great and just what I wanted. I wanted these books to be different from the main series as they slot in between the main books.

The reader said she loved it and didn't find many errors.

Tentative release date: January 3

Water--I'm on chapt. 6. Intro'd the bad guy(spoiler!) as well as a character that will cause some trouble(another spoiler!).

The bond has deepened between the two and in Deadly Waters I will explore it more.

Flames will intro joint meditation that I mention in Water as well as advance the wedding plans. They get a wedding planner in Flames and talk about what each want in their wedding.

Haven't touched Claws.

I've been dreaming about one of my sci-fi stories and I might write a bit in it. At least the scenes I dream.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another brief Dec. Status

Ordered my proofs. I should get them today or tomorrow.

So I'll get to see what my book looks like, yeah!

I finished Chapt 3 in Water and am more than half way through Chapt 4. I'm about to introduce the bad guy. Remember my bad guys always have special names.



I messed around with the bible for Flames. I added a few names and wrote a bit of plot. I also straightened up the bit I wrote so far on it. I'll probably have to add more to catch attention, but at least I started on it and got the basic idea down on it.

Still haven't touched Claws.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Brief End of Year Status

Sands is ready for me to proof!

I got to see if I have the money in my budget tomorrow to get two or three proofs. I always keep one proof for myself and use the other for corrections.    

The novelette is a hundred pages with everything which isn't bad. I only had about ten scenes in my head for it so...

Flames is the next novelette and I got about eight scenes for it in my head so I don't know how long it will be. It's set in Maine at a resort in a community where there's a firebug. The locals get the Duo involved when they learn they're FBI and have just finished a fire case.

I wrote a few pages in Water and am almost done with Chapt. 3. I went through and changed it a bit. I wasn't happy with how it was so I changed a few things and I think it's better now. Hopefully, I'll make some headway on the book during December.

Claws hasn't been touched this week since I've been busy with Water and Sands.

I still plan to work on both Water and Claws during Jano.