Thursday, September 29, 2016

End of month status

Fall is here!

I wrote in 3 of my stories--Sands, Water, and Claw.

In Sands I just wrote a little about her cocktail dress and got them in the car headed toward the party.

Next up--the party and the beginning of the confrontation.

I'm going to end chapt 13 at the beginning of the confrontation and chapt 14 will end with the bad guy's death.  Chapt 15 will be the fall-out. 

Water--I got them to the airport and will finish off the chapter with them flying off. 

Chapt 2 will be them meeting the CSBI in person, then heading to the 'crime scene'.

The water element will latch onto her there and she will sense the bad guy is watching, but there is a crowd of people still hanging around the site so they can't pin the killer down. 

But of course the bad guy's not happy.

And he's got a bit of Gift. 

While that makes him 'compatible' the element didn't choose him for other reasons.

Claw--I finished chapt 2 and began chapt 3. 

Next up for it--the confrontation with bad guy 2--the General.

The General wants to use Jors as a rally point for the rebels so he can take back their lands from the usurper which was another general.

Jors wants nothing to do with this of course.

So that's the status so far with my books.

These are the 3 I plan to get done before the end of 2017. 

Sands should be done before the end of 2016 while Water should be done by May 2017.  Claw is slated for Jano 2017. 

I also plan to start Flame and Air by May 2017.

Flames and Air are slated to be done by 2018. And Tail for Jano 2018.

Waters and Aether are slated for 2019.

I've set these deadlines to help me get going on these two series. But hopefully, I will finish ahead of schedule and get to work on the 30 other books I have put into my computer.

I have hundred of ideas that I have written down over the years since I was a kid. I'd like to be able to at least get some of them 'on paper' as it were.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A bit of writer's block

I wrote a bit in Sands.

I'm on chapt 13. I'm writing the scene leading up to the confrontation between Nick and the bad guy.

Spoiler alert!

Nick and Sara are going to the museum shindig and the bad guy shows up after a bit with some of his followers.

This is where I'm unsure how I want it to go.

Hostage situation or should they just go into another room with bad guy threating violence to keep Nick in line. I'm incline to the latter as it gives possibilities.

But either ends in Nick killing the bad guy.

The followers surrender after hearing bad guy's dead.

Nick gets in trouble though with his boss since it could have went bad.

Sands is 2/3 done so just a bit more and I can get to editing.

As to Water--I haven't touched it.

I'm still thinking on how to do the merge with water element.  As I said in the other blog the element latches onto her when she shows up. I think I'll have her feel it but push it aside until after they go to their hotel room. Then she can do the journey to the Aether.

And the 'bad guy' isn't going to be happy about any of this.  :)

And I still got Maramee to introduce.

She might have to just do everything in Air.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Today was ORACon.

A day and a half conference that ORA--Ozark's Romance Authors--puts on.

I had an author's table

 Last night was a book signing at a local bookstore and afterwards happy hour with speakers and authors.  I had a table there as well.

The only thing I dislike about conferences is all the sitting.  Parts of your body get uncomfortable staying in one position that long and it gets hard to concentrate when it complains.

At the end they raffled baskets and I won two!
Of course it helped that I put all 12 tickets in those two bowls!

This was the last ORACon.

ORA is going to change-up next year.  We'll see what the new year brings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sept Update

Fall is on the way!
Also this Friday Sept 16th and Saturday Sept 17th ORA-Ozarks Romance Authors--is having their final Conference. 
Friday 5pm-7pm is the book signing at Half-Price Books.
Saturday is the main conference at University Plaza.
I haven't touch Sands or Water.
I'm still not sure how I want the confrontation to be in Sands. I know how it starts and ends but the in between still needs work.  Hopefully, I can work on it Thursday with no interruptions.
The coin in Water is going to have Abyssus Abyssum Invocat on the one side and Absolutum Dominium on the other around a Roman number. It's going to be found in the victim's mouth or among the bones in others. After all the Ferryman has to be paid. :)
Spoiler alert!
The killer is murdering these people as sacrifices to the Water element that is residing in the ocean near by. Sara realizes this once she arrives at the scene as the element latches onto her immediately.
However she only gets a sense of the killer--no name.
And I think I will have Maramee show-up to vet Nick. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hump day note

Toby decided to join the blogging craz. :)

You'll find his blog at

Updates on him and other things about him will be shared there.

I haven't done much with Sands.  Just a few words added since last week.

I can see part of the confrontation in my head but I need to lead up to it and I'm still thinking on that. Also the dialog needs tweeking since I changed some things.  So still thinking on this as well.

I'm thinking of having Maramee show up in Water to vet Nick. She wants to make sure he's good enough for Sara and she may have something else to pass along as well. :)

Maramee is in Air as she is the one who contacts them about some suspicious murders. Another wind whisperer may be the cause and Maramee wants Sara to confirm or deny.

Water and Sands will be finish and published during 2017.  Sands is 2/3 done and Water is started so I just have to knuckle down.

Air is started as well.

I still plan to work on one of my dragon books for Jano. Tail or Claw will get done!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st September Purrrsday

Well, Toby's still having bouts of bloody emissions so time to change up the food again.  Vet thinks maybe two things--too much indoor formula and different foods between mine and playdate's. So he gave me another suggestion to try. I have to take Toby in later in the month for his yearly so...combine with follow-up.

He seems fine otherwise.

I haven't wrote much in my book. I fiddled with the bad guy's name. I just didn't like it the way it was so I changed it a bit. As I wrote on a friend's post I make my bad guy's name mean something.  My killer in book one meant something along the lines of 'bad priest' and in the second book he was 'fiery twin'.  Sorta inside jokes if you will to share with the reader.

The confrontation with the bad guy is looming closer. It will take place in front of a crowd which causes some problems for Nick which is why he was suspended at the beginning of Fire. 

I think Maramee will have to wait for another book for her formal intro. Though I might have her appear in the Aether during Water. Or she could show up to vet Nick. :)

 I'll think on it.

I found this on youtube.

This is my Fav SciFi theme. This series is what I see our future being though I would prefer Star Trek's version but this is more realistic. Humans being how they are.