Monday, April 25, 2016

Manic Monday: end of month report

Half way through chapt 11 on Sands.

My deadline of May 31 is looming closer--5 weeks. I definitely need to get into gear and get this done so I can edit before I turn it over to be published by July or August. 

I want to get Water done by January so I can work on Flames and Tail during Jano.   That way Water can be out by March 2017 and either Flames or Tail can be out by August 2017. Maybe both. :)

Anyway, I need to get into gear. I need to get these stories out of my head so I can move on.

I played around with canva last night. There were two pictures I liked so I messed around with both.

The first one I liked the the background but the person doesn't look like Sara at all while the second one could be her but the back ground is kind of vague. However I like both, but I'll probably use the second one.   What do you think?

Sara will let her hair grow out a bit, at least long enough to braid but she ain't going to dye it blonde.

I figured out a toll for the killer in Water. He takes their driver's license and puts a large home-made coin in their throat before be dumps them on the shelf. I'm still thinking about the design of the coin.

When Sara and Nick show up, the killer sends the drivers license to the police with a note. He is upset that they disturbed his 'burial' site but wants the dead to be known.  He also states that he knows that Sara is a Voice, that he 'recognized' her from the moment he saw her...

Tail is about a lttle over half way done. Everything is about set up for the battle with the bad guy and of course the twist. I have the beginnings of an idea to continue this world with another story but I've regated it to the back of my mind. I have enough stories right now to contend with. :)

For Flames I have a vague outline of the story idea but I figure I'll flesh it out during Jano 2017 and finish it then.

I got all this swirling in my head right now.

After work tonight I plan to finish Chapt 11 and start on chapt 12. I got tomorrow off so I plan to work on Sands. Hopefully, I do.  :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Manic Monday

Finally finished chapter 10 in Sands!

I wasn't sure how I wanted it to read and re-wrote the confrontation of the co-bad guy and Nick like three times. I'm finally satisfied. At least enough to move on.

 The deadline I set for myself is looming closer: 6 more weeks. So I need to get into gear and finish this novelette. I want to have it out before the end of Summer and get back to Water.

In Sands I mention the background murder case that starts the premise of Water. A body wrapped in chains showed up in Florida which lead to the discovery of more bodies staked to the underwater shelf just off their shore but the murderer was never found so it went unsolved. 

Sands also explains why Nick doesn't have his weapon in Fire.

I also introduce a female vampire that will be important later in the series.


If you've read and enjoyed my book(s) then please review on Amazon. If you haven't gotten them, please either get them or read them through Kindle Unlimited.

I write my books as if they were movies: fast-paced and dialog driven. There's no flowerly language and only brief discriptions so that you use your imagination for most of it.  I'm not into long, drawn out writing so I write like I want to read.

 The 10 book ideas in my head are all clammering to be written--Now!  lol! So I re-read the bits I have written for each. That calmed them and renewed my determination to finish Sands and move onto Water.

Water is officially Water Ferrier as in the Ferryman of the river Styx. The killer drowns the victims, then stakes/chains them to the ocean shelf, essentially giving them a burial at sea.  With the Ferryman you had to have toll--usually coins--to pay him. I'm thinking about that for this killer too.

 So what do you think? Should there be a toll for this killer? And what should it be?


Monday, April 11, 2016

Manic Monday Sale

$ 1 off Sale Today

If you buy my new book Fire Walker on Kindle today you get a dollar off the regular price!

At the book signing Saturday, I only sold one of my new books but I got to talk to a few poeple. So exposure is good. I forgot my camera so I don't have pix.

I wrote a paragraph in Sands and I plan to get back into my regular schedule of writing this week. I need to get Sands done so I can move onto Water. About 10,000 more words and I should be done with Sands if I stick to the 25,000 I originally planned. But being a pantser that doesn't always work. :)

My friend Trav is working on his dragon story. He wrote and published a dragon book years ago but wasn't satisfied with it so he is writing another. I worked on Tail while he wrote on his story then and he went ahead and published his while I abandoned mine for awhile since I didn't like how mine was going. Now we're both digging into dragon stories again. :)

Two books down and 10 more to go to get the first batch of stories out of my head.  Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Aether,Sands, Flames, Waters, Tail, one more dragon book, and two sci-fi books. My brain is sooooo crowded. :)

At least they are only parts and pieces right now. I don't think I could fit 10 whole books in my head at once. I'd explode!  :)

Once I write--and finish--a book most of it deletes itself from my brain. I remember the premise but I don't remember details which is why I do bibles for my books so I can look up stuff. Because as I said I don't think I could have that many books in my brain and function.

So 10 more to go and I'm done with this batch. But once I get back to inputing my books in to the computer again I'll get a whole new batch and start all over again. :)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Beginning of month update

To celebrate 30 day anniversary, the paperback coming out, and the book signing I'm doing a special Kindle sale.

On April 9, Earth Reader is Free and Fire Walker is 99 cents. 

So if you don't already have either or both then this is the time to get them. Fire Walker will be  99cents for two days April 9 & 10. It will go to $1.99 on April 11 before returning to its regular price by April 12.

I will have a few copies of both books at the book signing at the Library Center on April 9. At the book signing I will also have some bookmarks and I will give away a T-shirt with the cover of my first book on it to the first person to buy my second book at the Signing. I also will have candy! :)

Next week I'll get back into Sands. I'm hyped about the book signing right now so after it's over I'll be able to concentrate back on finishing the novelette. I think I'll do Kindle and paperback for it. A friend suggested I might as well do both. I know I will do the Kindle for it right away but I don't know about the paperback. I'll think on it.

If I do do a paperback I think this will be the cover. What do you think?

I want the books to be different from my Voice books yet also connected. So the five triangles, symbolizing the four natural elements plus the spirit element.  And I liked the beach scene.

For Jano 2017 I plan to work on both Air and Tail, mainly Tail. I've been having dragon dreams and I need to get them out of my head. :)  But Flames will also be next on my list to get out in 2017. So I want to publish Water and Finish Air, Flames, and Tail all in 2017. Very ambitios of me but those stories keep circling in my head so I need to get them out.

For 2018 I also have a dragon book I want to get out as well as publishing Air and Deadly Waters. I'm thinking about combining the three Deadly books in 2018 and just putting out an omnibus--Deadly Vacations.  I'm still thinking on that as well.

I have a lot of plans but whether they will all come to fruition is another thing. But I will keep you posted. :)