Thursday, March 31, 2016

Paperback is out!

Fire Walker is now out in paperback!

Sharon's done an amazing job and got it out.

Jan also reviewed my book on amazon. 5 star!

If you haven't got a copy, please get one. And if you have read either or both books, please review.

Support your writers!  :)

Remember April 9th Book signing at the springfield Library Center. 11am-2pm. Twenty of us local authors will be there.

See I can do a short blog!  lol!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Manic Monday End of month Update

Still working on the proof of Fire.

 Hopefully we'll have it done by tomorrow and get the soft cover out by Wednesday.

Two kindle sold and a little over a thousand pages read on Kindle Unlimited this month. Not bad for an opening month.

Don't forget the book signing at the Library Center on April 9, 10am-2pm. Twenty of us Authors from Springfield Writer's Guild will be there.

I'm thinking about running a 99 cent Kindle special for Fire during the weekend of the book signing: April 8-April 10. But I'm not sure yet.

Wrote 2 pages in Sands--the confrontation with the compatriot of the bad guy's done. I need to kick myself into gear and get this done. Water is awaiting. :)

I want to get the stories in my head out. 5 Elemental Voice, 3 Deadly, 2 Dragon, and 2 Sci-Fi are cluttering my brain right now. I got 2 of the Voice out, but the others are still clammering to be heard. Until they are out, I can't even think about the others I have stashed away in my closet to be put in my computer so I stopped inputting for right now. I don't need any more cluttering up my head! :)

Hopefully, I'll get Sands out this summer and have Water done by Jano so I can get it out before May 2017 and get Flames out that Summer. I also want to work on Tail and have Air done by Jano 2018.

I'm being ambitious. :)

These stories/ideas have been in my head for years and won't go away now until I've finished them. So I might as well do so and publish them too. :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Manic Monday Status update

I got Fire's proof.

We're having someone go through it to make sure we caught at least most of the errors. No book is 100% free of errors but hopefully we are close. :)

I hit 1000 pages read this week on Kindle Unlimited. That's the most I've had.

Only 3 Kindle sold and still no reviews on Fire.

Don't forget that on April 9 at the Library Center we're having a book signing from 11am to 2pm.

I still haven't written anything in Sands. However the confrontation is percolating in my brain so when I sit down and write I think it will just flow right on out. At least I hope it does. :)

May 31 is still the deadline I set for Sands. I want to have it done and out before the end of the year as well as having Water done by Jano. 

Flames and Tail are next up to be worked on during Jano 2017.

I'm also still putting my story ideas/chapters into my computer in case I want to work on one of them during a case of writer's block. I have over 30 already in but have lots more. However that's taking a long time as I can't seem to not edit what I put in. I have put a few of the dragon ideas in, some of my sci-fi, and a couple of fantasy. I also have a werewolf story.  At the momment I've slowed down even more on putting them in and am mostly just organizing/editing them because I do have the tendence to want to edit and work on them while I put them in my computer.

I need to finish the Elemental series first, then move on to my dragon books.  My sci-fi ideas need some re-writes and they are mostly from my teen years. I do have two sci-fi that I have lined up to work on once my Elemental books are done. They concern nanites and super computers.

My Voice and Deadly series are the ones that I keep coming back to though and I dream about dragons a lot. So they are what I want to get done first.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Another manic monday update

Fire Walker has landed!


37 people took advantage of my free book offer this weekend. Hopefully, they'll put reviews on Amazon and get hooked enough to buy my second book. I think it's better than the first.

986 pages have been read on Kindle Unlimited. Part of those were with my first book.

Sunday Earth Reader was #384 in the kindle store under paranormal & urban. Yes!

As you can see I made a change with the book links. I replaced the link to my first book with one that takes you to the amazon page that lists both my books and added a link to my second book. 

The hard cover version of Fire should be out by March 25 or 28th. I haven't got the proofs yet.

Don't forget that if you're going to be in Springfield April 9 that Springfield Writer's Guild is having a book signing at the Library Center 11am-2pm. 18 of us are going to have tables there and look forward to seeing you readers there.

I haven't written the confrontation yet in Sands. Things just keep coming up to interrupt writing time. I'll get it done soon though 'cause I'm thinking over other parts of the story and can't get to them until this is done. 

I'm setting myself a deadline of May 31 to get Sands finished. I want to get back to Water so I can get it done by the end of the year. Sands brings up some background for both characters as well as some for vampire-human relations. Once Sands is done I plan to publish it before the year is over.

For 2017, I'm going to be ambitious and work on Air, Tail, and Flames as well as publishing Water.

I want to be able to publish at least two stories a year--one Voice book and either a Deadly story or a dragon book. I have several dragon ideas and want to get them out of my head. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fire Walker is out!

Fire is now out on Kindle!

Hopefully the hard cover will be out by the 25th.
I'm giving away my first book on kindle for Free this weekend March 11-13 to launch my second book.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Manic Monday Beginning Update

Well, it's March already. The year's moving along fast.

At least I think so.

I got Fire's corrections done and sent back to the publisher.

She called me to clarify some stuff but I was working so I couldn't stay on the phone long. I work both lunch and supper shifts Sundays so I'm at work almost all day. Makes a long day for me but gives me more hours without adding another day.

If you are going to be in the Springfield area on April 9th, please stop by the Springfield-Greene County Library Center for the Springfield Writer's Guild's Book Signing. We will be there from 10am to 2pm. 

Hopefully, I'll have both Fire Walker and Earth Reader. My publisher is going to try to have Fire out before the book signing.

Still haven't written much in Sands. I did re-read it and made a few corrections, but I haven't added many new words.  I need to get myself back into the writting mode and get it done so I can get back to Water.

I'm still thinking about the confrontation betwwen Nick and the human colaborator of the bad guy in Sands. I know I want Nick to lose his cool, his control, with the guy but should he hold him against the wall or car with his arm across the guy's throat and snarling in his face or should he lift him off the ground by his throat and glare at him with fangs showing?

The setting is the parking lot of a restaurant.  Both are appealing, but I'm leaning more toward the one against the car right now. I can see Sara laying a hand on his arm to calm him and his fangs retracting with him stepping away as the guy runs away.

Now I just got to sit down and write it tonight after work. :)

One of the persons that live in my building checked out my book. She read it and said she can't wait 'til my next one. :)

My Earth book is also making the rounds of my workplace. Some of the residents wanted to read it so I gave them a copy. I was told I couldn't sell it at my workplace since that would be soliciting and that's against the rules, but I could donate a book.

So I did.

Got possitive reviews so far. Too bad they don't go on Amazon. I could use some reviews there. :)