Thursday, December 29, 2016

a bit of a tat

Got a pre-order for Sands!


Put a bit of an announcement on a few Facebook sites. Hopefully more will pre-order.
5 more days and it is officially out!

The New blog--

Worked a little on the Alliance book as a scene came up in my head so I got it out. I also added a blog about Customs.

On to Water...

Finished both Chapt. 6 and Chapt 7.  I started on Chapt. 8. 

Our heroes got some face-time with the bad guy who dropped a hint that he was going to either kill or dump a body that night.

They know the killer, the method, part of the reason why, but proving it is going to be a killer.  LOL!

This book is running along differently than the first two books. Maybe because the characters are changing a bit. I don't know. Water may be the shortest book of the main series or it could fall in line and be along with Fire.

Flames and Waters--

Still haven't touched either.

Wind whisperer and Aether are still up in the Air so to speak, :)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tinkering with stories

I set up a new blog for a story idea I had. Check it out and tell me what you think of it.

I've been tinkering with it instead of messing with the Voice books the last three days. I thought if I got it out and down then I might be able to get back to writing on Water.

On to Water.

I'm almost done with Chapt. 6. Two more pages and I should be done.

The bad guy has been intro'd and a troublemaker as well.

 And the bad guy has issued a challenge for our heroes.

I introduced a time element--pardon the pun :)  So the book may not be 20 chapters long this time. I'll see.

Flames and Waters--

Haven't touched either of them this week.

But Flames will have the wedding planner intro and some serious talk. They got to get to it if they want to get married by the Fifth Voice Book. LOL!

And Waters will have more wedding plans and deeper relationship issues.

Air or Wind Whisperer---

Maramee finally gets intro'd. I decided to wait and just mention her until this book. This book will bring a few things together, setting them up for the Fifth Voice Book Aether.


I have only two scenes in my head for this book. The wedding, of course is one.

I haven't even made a bible for this book yet.

So that's the status so far for my books this year.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sands Pre-Order is up!

As you can see, if you click on my book link, the kindle pre-order is up for Sands.  It is on schedule--actually ahead--and ready to go.

January 3rd is still the release date.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Proofs and things

Proof is read and marked and given to Sharon to correct on Amazon.

The  book looks great and just what I wanted. I wanted these books to be different from the main series as they slot in between the main books.

The reader said she loved it and didn't find many errors.

Tentative release date: January 3

Water--I'm on chapt. 6. Intro'd the bad guy(spoiler!) as well as a character that will cause some trouble(another spoiler!).

The bond has deepened between the two and in Deadly Waters I will explore it more.

Flames will intro joint meditation that I mention in Water as well as advance the wedding plans. They get a wedding planner in Flames and talk about what each want in their wedding.

Haven't touched Claws.

I've been dreaming about one of my sci-fi stories and I might write a bit in it. At least the scenes I dream.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another brief Dec. Status

Ordered my proofs. I should get them today or tomorrow.

So I'll get to see what my book looks like, yeah!

I finished Chapt 3 in Water and am more than half way through Chapt 4. I'm about to introduce the bad guy. Remember my bad guys always have special names.



I messed around with the bible for Flames. I added a few names and wrote a bit of plot. I also straightened up the bit I wrote so far on it. I'll probably have to add more to catch attention, but at least I started on it and got the basic idea down on it.

Still haven't touched Claws.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Brief End of Year Status

Sands is ready for me to proof!

I got to see if I have the money in my budget tomorrow to get two or three proofs. I always keep one proof for myself and use the other for corrections.    

The novelette is a hundred pages with everything which isn't bad. I only had about ten scenes in my head for it so...

Flames is the next novelette and I got about eight scenes for it in my head so I don't know how long it will be. It's set in Maine at a resort in a community where there's a firebug. The locals get the Duo involved when they learn they're FBI and have just finished a fire case.

I wrote a few pages in Water and am almost done with Chapt. 3. I went through and changed it a bit. I wasn't happy with how it was so I changed a few things and I think it's better now. Hopefully, I'll make some headway on the book during December.

Claws hasn't been touched this week since I've been busy with Water and Sands.

I still plan to work on both Water and Claws during Jano.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Tentative date of January 3 for Deadly Sands!

Sands came back from the editor/proofreader and I'm working on correcting right now.  It should be done by tonight and I'll get it to the publisher by this weekend.

I haven't touched the other two books much this week. I did a few paragraphs in Water and just re-read Claws.

I'll write more next week.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Sands is done!

I finished it yesterday morning, then went through it last night.  It is completely done as far as I'm concerned though it is only 21,892 words. 

The last chapter is only two pages long, but that's what it told me so that's what it is!  :)

Water--I wrote one sentence to start the second chapter. Now I can concentrate on this one.

Figured out the names for the owners of the beachside B&B, they'll stay in. And I messed with the bible a bit.

Claws--Wrote a few sentences, but nothing major yet. Just working on this when I get stuck.

So that's the status so far.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another tat

I haven't wrote much. Real Life's been kicking my butt again.

Claws--Wrote a paragraph. second confrontation.  Going to reveal a bit about Servants and maybe have a guest appearance of the dragon in human form. I'm still debating that. I might just have him speak a warning.  The well will dry up and the Dune-ers will show up. After all they are the guardians of the desert shrine. Maybe even a sandstorm.

Water--I think I figure out how to start the second chapter. I'm going to start with them getting in the car with the agent. Then I will have them discuss the case briefly as the agent drives. The second Sara steps on the beach she will be hit by the elemental. But she won't be able to completely merge with it until they are taken to their B&B.

Sands--I haven't touch this one at all yet. I plan to write some this Saturday. I need to get them to the party and get the confrontation done!  lol. It's in my head but refuses to come out.

That's the status so far. 

I still plan to have Water and Sands out next year and one of my dragon books at least 2/3 done. Claw is probably going to be a novelette and I think I'll put it out at 99 cents on Amazon Kindle.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Off the Air

Well, I'm losing my internet for a bit.

Hopefully, I'll use the library and a neighbor's until I get it sorted out.

Claws--Wrote the initial meet/confrontation with the General. The General is getting out what he thinks are the big guns. But these former slaves ain't havin' it! :)

Water--Finished chapter 1. Still thinking about how to start chapt 2. I'm still liking the idea of an agent picking them up and taking them to the crime scene. I just don't know if I want a junior agent or the senior one to. These little details...  I have a feeling that once I start it, it will just roll on out.

Sands--Still on the way to the party. I think I will have Nick's back-up weapon with him and he will follow through with the Clan's wishes. If you shoot a vampire in the head or heart or both like Nick will, they die and the body ages before your eyes.  That's how you can tell the 'true death'.

Hopefully, things will settle down and I can get these written. 

This year has been bad for me. I'm prayin' next year is better.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just a tat

Didn't write much this week.

Claws--still chapt 3.

 Wrote a page. I re-read and added a bit here and there. Still thinking on the confrontation with the General. I don't want an info dump but how to explain his interest in Jors without making it sound like one will be tricky.

Water--I messed around with the bible.

With Water I'm still thinking about where chapt 2 should start. I know it ends with the merging of the water element with Sara. So I'm thinking of having either the senior or a junior agent pick them up at the airport and bring them up to date on the way to the crime scene.

Sands--Still headed to the party.

I'm debating about the confrontation in Sands still. I have the picture of the bad guy crashing the party silently. Just coming up to them and threatening the guests. But how to get Nick to have a gun to shoot the SOB. He is after all on vacation and at a fancy do.

There are guards...



Thursday, October 13, 2016

A brief update

Book signing went okay.

Saw a few people and chatted.

I think my table looks quite nice. :)

Claw---Still on Chapt 3. 

Water---Still at airport/ Chapt 1

Sands--Still headed to party/ Chapt 13.

Didn't write anything this last week.  Just not in the mood.

I've been reading fanfiction and I got addicted to a facebook game (toy blast) three days ago so I'm spending time playing it. :)

I'm planning to spend this Saturday working on my books. I told myself I'm goofing off for the rest of the week but going to knuckle down Saturday. Sands needs to get finished and Water needs to be further along. I'm way behind schedule on both.

Claw & Tail are still up for Jano.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Just a brief Note


Claw--Still on Chapt 3. Heading toward the confrontation with the General.

Introduced idea of Dune-ers. The desert dwellers.

Gave a little of Rissa's background.

Started a bible.

Had an idea for this to be first novelette in a 3 novelette omnibus.  Got to think on that a bit.
Water--still at the airport

Didn't write anything the last couple of days.

Not sure where exactly I want chapt 2 to begin--at the receiving airport or at the crime scene. I do know they meet the CSBI agents and they go to the crime scene where Sara encounters the element.

Sands---Still headed to the party.

Didn't write anything here either

But the party and the confrontation is next up.


Real Life's been kickin' my butt.

Got a book signing this Saturday at the Library Center from 11am to 2pm. I'll be there with other writers from Springfield Writer's Guild and maybe some authors from ORA and Sleuths.

Stop by and say Hi!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

End of month status

Fall is here!

I wrote in 3 of my stories--Sands, Water, and Claw.

In Sands I just wrote a little about her cocktail dress and got them in the car headed toward the party.

Next up--the party and the beginning of the confrontation.

I'm going to end chapt 13 at the beginning of the confrontation and chapt 14 will end with the bad guy's death.  Chapt 15 will be the fall-out. 

Water--I got them to the airport and will finish off the chapter with them flying off. 

Chapt 2 will be them meeting the CSBI in person, then heading to the 'crime scene'.

The water element will latch onto her there and she will sense the bad guy is watching, but there is a crowd of people still hanging around the site so they can't pin the killer down. 

But of course the bad guy's not happy.

And he's got a bit of Gift. 

While that makes him 'compatible' the element didn't choose him for other reasons.

Claw--I finished chapt 2 and began chapt 3. 

Next up for it--the confrontation with bad guy 2--the General.

The General wants to use Jors as a rally point for the rebels so he can take back their lands from the usurper which was another general.

Jors wants nothing to do with this of course.

So that's the status so far with my books.

These are the 3 I plan to get done before the end of 2017. 

Sands should be done before the end of 2016 while Water should be done by May 2017.  Claw is slated for Jano 2017. 

I also plan to start Flame and Air by May 2017.

Flames and Air are slated to be done by 2018. And Tail for Jano 2018.

Waters and Aether are slated for 2019.

I've set these deadlines to help me get going on these two series. But hopefully, I will finish ahead of schedule and get to work on the 30 other books I have put into my computer.

I have hundred of ideas that I have written down over the years since I was a kid. I'd like to be able to at least get some of them 'on paper' as it were.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A bit of writer's block

I wrote a bit in Sands.

I'm on chapt 13. I'm writing the scene leading up to the confrontation between Nick and the bad guy.

Spoiler alert!

Nick and Sara are going to the museum shindig and the bad guy shows up after a bit with some of his followers.

This is where I'm unsure how I want it to go.

Hostage situation or should they just go into another room with bad guy threating violence to keep Nick in line. I'm incline to the latter as it gives possibilities.

But either ends in Nick killing the bad guy.

The followers surrender after hearing bad guy's dead.

Nick gets in trouble though with his boss since it could have went bad.

Sands is 2/3 done so just a bit more and I can get to editing.

As to Water--I haven't touched it.

I'm still thinking on how to do the merge with water element.  As I said in the other blog the element latches onto her when she shows up. I think I'll have her feel it but push it aside until after they go to their hotel room. Then she can do the journey to the Aether.

And the 'bad guy' isn't going to be happy about any of this.  :)

And I still got Maramee to introduce.

She might have to just do everything in Air.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Today was ORACon.

A day and a half conference that ORA--Ozark's Romance Authors--puts on.

I had an author's table

 Last night was a book signing at a local bookstore and afterwards happy hour with speakers and authors.  I had a table there as well.

The only thing I dislike about conferences is all the sitting.  Parts of your body get uncomfortable staying in one position that long and it gets hard to concentrate when it complains.

At the end they raffled baskets and I won two!
Of course it helped that I put all 12 tickets in those two bowls!

This was the last ORACon.

ORA is going to change-up next year.  We'll see what the new year brings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sept Update

Fall is on the way!
Also this Friday Sept 16th and Saturday Sept 17th ORA-Ozarks Romance Authors--is having their final Conference. 
Friday 5pm-7pm is the book signing at Half-Price Books.
Saturday is the main conference at University Plaza.
I haven't touch Sands or Water.
I'm still not sure how I want the confrontation to be in Sands. I know how it starts and ends but the in between still needs work.  Hopefully, I can work on it Thursday with no interruptions.
The coin in Water is going to have Abyssus Abyssum Invocat on the one side and Absolutum Dominium on the other around a Roman number. It's going to be found in the victim's mouth or among the bones in others. After all the Ferryman has to be paid. :)
Spoiler alert!
The killer is murdering these people as sacrifices to the Water element that is residing in the ocean near by. Sara realizes this once she arrives at the scene as the element latches onto her immediately.
However she only gets a sense of the killer--no name.
And I think I will have Maramee show-up to vet Nick. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hump day note

Toby decided to join the blogging craz. :)

You'll find his blog at

Updates on him and other things about him will be shared there.

I haven't done much with Sands.  Just a few words added since last week.

I can see part of the confrontation in my head but I need to lead up to it and I'm still thinking on that. Also the dialog needs tweeking since I changed some things.  So still thinking on this as well.

I'm thinking of having Maramee show up in Water to vet Nick. She wants to make sure he's good enough for Sara and she may have something else to pass along as well. :)

Maramee is in Air as she is the one who contacts them about some suspicious murders. Another wind whisperer may be the cause and Maramee wants Sara to confirm or deny.

Water and Sands will be finish and published during 2017.  Sands is 2/3 done and Water is started so I just have to knuckle down.

Air is started as well.

I still plan to work on one of my dragon books for Jano. Tail or Claw will get done!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st September Purrrsday

Well, Toby's still having bouts of bloody emissions so time to change up the food again.  Vet thinks maybe two things--too much indoor formula and different foods between mine and playdate's. So he gave me another suggestion to try. I have to take Toby in later in the month for his yearly so...combine with follow-up.

He seems fine otherwise.

I haven't wrote much in my book. I fiddled with the bad guy's name. I just didn't like it the way it was so I changed it a bit. As I wrote on a friend's post I make my bad guy's name mean something.  My killer in book one meant something along the lines of 'bad priest' and in the second book he was 'fiery twin'.  Sorta inside jokes if you will to share with the reader.

The confrontation with the bad guy is looming closer. It will take place in front of a crowd which causes some problems for Nick which is why he was suspended at the beginning of Fire. 

I think Maramee will have to wait for another book for her formal intro. Though I might have her appear in the Aether during Water. Or she could show up to vet Nick. :)

 I'll think on it.

I found this on youtube.

This is my Fav SciFi theme. This series is what I see our future being though I would prefer Star Trek's version but this is more realistic. Humans being how they are.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Last of month update

First off, Toby had another bloody emission but then a clear one. I don't know what's going on with him as he seems fine otherwise. I'm limiting his food intake at the playdates we do. This started about the time we began to have them there. I've changed his food up as well and I might have to again as the vet said that could be part of it. We'll see.

Still not addicted to youTube. I've only been once more to check for anything new.

I've written two pages on Sands and ended Chapt 12.

There's an explanation of the Aether and a bit about spirit animals with meeting Gaea but I didn't want to overwhelm readers or have too much of an info dump. Sara recharges this way and I wanted to explain part of a scene that is in Fire. I hope this chapter isn't too--passive, or seem too irrelevant to this book.

Maramee will just have to wait for her intro.

 I'm not sure how much sex scenes I want in this book. I've alluded to sex a few times but only did two actual scenes so far. Should I put more?


My printer's acting up so I can't print anything right now. Really sucks. Going to the library and getting a copy is really time consuming.

Oh Well.

Tomorrow there's going to be a neighborhood party. I think I'll go and see what's happening.

 I might even win a door prize!  :)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another purrsday note

Toby had bloody emissions again the other day then today it's fine. The vet said to bring him for a follow up September so I'll wait and see if he has more. Otherwise he seems fine.

I've only been to YouTube once so I ain't addicted yet. :)

I only wrote a few sentences this last week on Sands. I need to at least get Chapt 12 finished so I can build up to the confrontation with the bad guy.

Chapt 12 talks about meditation and the Aether and leads toward the confrontation. We 'meet' her mentor Maramee and Sara's spirit guide as well as getting a glimpse of Nick's. Sara also explains a bit about this world's versions of spirit guides--everyone has one but only a few can interact with them and use that connection to the Aether.  Voices and shaman have direct connections but others subconsciously use theirs and it can make them excel in certain jobs.

 At my workplace one of the 'residents' read my books through the library and said she loved them and couldn't wait 'til Water came out. She said she liked Fire better than Earth. And the daughter of one of my neighbors said the same thing. YAY! 

Now if only a Hollywood director wanted to make them into movies.... :)

Anyway, I plan to work some on Sands this afternoon.  Hopefully, I'll get 12 done and move on to the confrontation. Made vampire(bad guy) against born vampire(Nick) but of course there's a twist.

Ain't there always?  :)

I'm rebuilding my points for prizes. I have my eye on an ice cream maker and an instamatic  mini-photo camera. Since the flat screen and the turntable were good I'm hoping these are as well. But I don't know if I'll have the points.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just a purrsday note

Toby's had the last of his antibiotics and seems better. He was such a baby about taking them and it was indeed a long week.

I've been introduced to the wonder of Youtube today. I knew about it but never went to the site. We shall see if I get addicted.

Saturday afternoon I plan to spend some time on Sands.  It started out as a novelette series that I was only going to publish as a Kindle but I think it's going to be longer. So I'll probably publish both ways.

I added a bit to the bibles but I haven't written anything in either Water or Sands this last week.

I decided on Sara and Nick's spirit animals and on Sara's mentor's. As I said in my last blog I'm not going for the ones everyone usually goes for. My people are different and their spirit guides reflect that as well.  The animals reveal the slice of the elemental spirit that resides in that person.

So yes everyone has one but only some are in touch with that part of themselves.

Most earthy connected beings are toads and that's what I'll have most common people having.  Those connected most with air will have birds. I'm still thinking about fire and water.

I got out my 33 Dirty Dancing sound track album and played it a few time on my new turntable. Beautiful sound and I pictured the movie in my head. Best scratcher investment so far--well besides the flat screen I got through them as well. :)

This points for prizes was an excellent idea that the MOLottery had for awhile. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

August Catturday

Toby is such a messy marvin that that is what I should have named him! He's already messed up the rug a bit and I've had to tidy up the litter a few times.

I had to take him to the vet and he's on antibiotics. He's worse than a child with taking them. I've had to have my neighbor help me with him. This is going to be a long week.

Well, I wrote two pages in Sands!

I sat down and finished chapt 11 and began chapt 12. This morning I took chapt 11 to my writing club. They said it moved smoothly but I needed to tighten it up a bit and need more emotion. This chapter has a lot of foreshadowing and I don't want to lose too much of that.

I've been looking up spirit animals and related things. Sara and Nick are not going to have conventional--or popular--animals. No wolf or eagle, people.  :)

Chapt 12 is going to introduce meditation, Gaea, and Sara's spirit guide with a hint of Nick's.   Your spirit guide is who you really are in the Aether.

I was told today that vampires never seem to be ugly. They are all physically beautiful. Maybe in today's society but if you look back in cinematic history that wasn't always so. In my world the vampires had to be beautiful/handsome to draw their prey/donors to them and of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

 My record player is working beautifully. I love the sound of music on a turntable. There is just nothing better than vinyl.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another purrsday

I've been lazy for the last week.

Today however I sweep the litter around my cat's litter box and changed the rug under it. It's been over a year since I got the litter box and rug so I decided to at least change the rug. My cat is so messy that the litter goes everywhere but the box. Hense the rug under and around the box.  I sweep and dump excess back in the box every other day. Too bad we can't make them clean up their own mess. :)

I'll probably get a new litter box next paycheck.

I've been working on my budget. So I ain't been completely lazy this last week. I just ain't been working on my book.

Well, I did re-read Sands. But no writing has been done. 

I also spoke to a few people about my books and hopefully I'll get a sale or have them check them out from the library. I'm proud that I got them out, published. And I can't wait to get my others out, though that seems a contradiction right now with my writer's block. :)

In Sands I need to introduce meditation, the Aether or spirit plane, personification of the elements, and maybe even spirit guides. Though not spirit guides like most people know them.  My spirit guides are part of the elements. Thus why most of the guides are land animals since most people are primarily or secondarily linked to the Earth. 

On a side note, I got my new turntable I ordered with points for prize through MoLottery. So I can listen with better quality to my vinyl. I still got my old record player but I like the look of the new one.  Now I can listen to my vinyl in style.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Purrsday!

Well my cat had an upset Sunday.

 The neighbor who we have play-dates with got a new bed from a friend who has ferrets. Toby smelled the bed and it literally scared the pee out of him. My neighbor washed it with lots of detergent. He just now has gotten to the point where he can be in the room with it and not be nervous.

Needless to say he's been getting a lot of loving this last week. He was already spoiled but now he's spoiled rotten. :)

I've had Toby--short for Topaz-eyed boy--for over 16 months now.  Since I don't now his birth date I'm debating making it mine as I got him in the same month. Mine's Feb 7 and I got him later in the month. I celebrated his year with me in Feb. I'm debating combining his birthday and time with me together.

You can tell I'm a cat mom with all this. :)

My friend Mary's back home from Rehab.  Hopefully everything's going to get back to normal and she'll be fine. I've been helping her settle back in.

I still don't have much to report on my books. I'm going to re-read the whole of the novelette this Saturday I think to get myself back into the grove. The words just don't seem to be coming right now.

Real life has been interfering with my writing time anyway.

I've straightened up a few things in the bibles but no serious writing.  I'm still thinking over the name change of the bad guy as well as the confrontation. The bad guy's name means 3 dead man/humans right now and I want to keep it close but I'm just not liking it right now. 

The confrontation is still not coming completely together. Maybe I need to watch a few action movies to get me in the mood. :)

I know where I want to go with the new vampire in the future, but I don't want to give too much away now so I got to be careful with how I write her in this book.

So far today's been fine, though I had a bit of tussel at work yesterday. Some people need to grow up and get over themselves. Just because you're considered an adult does not mean you know everything and don't have to listen to anyone else. Arrogant people p*ss me off big time.

Me using that word shows that. I only cuss when I'm mad or frustrated.

I'm going to spend some time listening to some vinyl. That always gets me in a happy mood.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happy Catterday

Cat moms call today Catterday.

Toby's been a troublemaker today, though he's napping right now. He's been getting into things so I took him for a kttty-playdate but he just snooped most of that time.  I spoil him too much but then he's my baby. :)
I don't have much to report on my books. A few words got written but I mainly re-read the last chapter of Sands and looked over its bible. I need to figure out how to get from the written scene to the scene in my head. There's some time lapse and change of scenery between the two.
They've just been kicked to the side and the new FBI agent--whose both female and a vampire--is taking over the case. The next scene in my head is them getting interrupted at the gala at the museum that night.
Then there's the confrontation between the bad guy and Nick. Do I want it to be the scene at the museum or later? And I know how it ends and have a vague idea to how it starts but the rest....It all depends on where and when it happens.
And I'm not sure about the bad guy's name. I might change it again.
Maybe I've just been procrastinating... :)
Time to knuckle down and get with it. I need to decide and get to work if I want to get everything done on schedule.
I need to get my brain back in writing mode. 
My friend Mary will be coming home this next week. So she's better and healing. No excuse now not to be able to get back to writing.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Manic Purrsday

Cat mommas know it's Purrsday today. :)

I got my cat new food and water bowls since the old plastic ones were getting dirty. The new ones are metal and Toby seems to like them better.

We got into trouble for having our kitty play-dates in the hall so we have to have them in one apartment or the other. Stupid thing to be called on the carpet for. Not like the cats hurt anyone.

Anyway, I've been busy with real life.

My friend Mary went into the hospital on the 6th. She had had a mild heart attack--if you can call one mild. Then had open-heart surgery on the 13th. And now she's in Rehab.

I've been running her errands and working extra hours those two weeks, though taxes cut into that bit. The closet also got a bit of de-cluttering. I had a small box of photos and a box of misc that I went through and straightened up the one side. There is still the crate of stories that need to be inputted into the computer but I need to write the stories in my head down first before cluttering it up with more. :)

I only wrote about a paragraph in my novelette Sands but I plan to get back to it now that I should have more time. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of July and get into Water. I still want to publish Water by April or May 2017.

I still plan to work on my dragon story Tail for Jano.

Claw and Wind are, of course, started and will hopefully be finished by the end of 2017. Flames' and Waters' bibles are started but I still have to flesh them out a bit. The two sci-fi nano stories ideas are inputted but I haven't started bibles on them yet and Aether's still solely in my head.

That's the status so far on my stories.  Hopefully I'll have more to report next week.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Manic monday back on

Not been feeling like writing so I've not done much.

Still in Chapt. 11 on Sands. I wrote like two sentences since my last blog.

 So I'm going to sit myself down tonight after work and write something!

I still plan to finish both Sands and Water before Jano so I definitely need to kick myself into gear and finish Sands by the end of this month.  That will leave me 5 month to get Water done.

Tail and Claw are next up for Jano as well as Flames and Wind for 2017.

Jano is Sleuth's version of the November novel writing month where you write a 50,000 word novel in a month. It just happens in January instead. If you want to know more about it or participate you can go to Sleuth's Ink site at

Never too early to plan.

I'm still looking through the Latin phrases for what to put on the toll coin besides abyssus abyssum invocate or deep calls to deep. What would you put on such a coin?

In Fire I show the spirit plane or Aether a bit when she merges her elements so I have to introduce that in Sands. Explain it a bit I suppose.  Sands is after all a get-to-know-you book. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Manic Tuesday

Well, I'm still here. :)

Woke up yesterday with a headache so I took some pain meds and then back to sleep. I also had to work. Thus no update yesterday.

Sands is still in Chapt 11. I've just been staring at the computer screen this last week when it comes to this story. Just been drawing a blank with this story. Hopefully. I'll get into the groove today.

 So I've been messing with the bible on Water a bit.

I looked up some Latin phrases for the toll coin in Water. Abyssus abyssum invoct--deep calls to deep--is what I think I'll have the coin say on one side. I'm still debating what else the coin will have on it.

Also found the phrase that will announce that she's got the water element--A mari ad mare or from sea to sea. The first two were easy--ashes to ashes, dust to dust--but I wasn't sure about Water and Air. I'm still looking for Air's phrase.  Maybe breathe to breathe?

 But I got time and I have to think about when she does get Air about her then being a shaman. 

I also messed a bit with Tail and the other dragon story. Added the other dragon story to my computer in the folder with Tail but I haven't started a bible for it yet since I only got one chapter done with it and only a vague outline in my head so far. I tentatively renamed it In the Dragon's Claw. 

To compare the two dragon stories. Tail is set in a middle-ages like world with mental powers while Claw is set in an ancient Egyptian type world with elemental magic.  At least that's what I'm thinking right now, but that's subject to change. Like everything else. :)

While I was searching the web for Latin phrases, I also found a site that explains what flowers mean what. So I'm going to put that in my Favs. Nick's not perfect so I'm sure he's going to be needing to make-up.  :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Manic monday update

Well, I took my computer in to be looked at and good thing I did. They said it was about to crash.

So I borrowed some money and rearranged finances so now I have a newer used computer.

This of course set me back 3 days on Sands so I probably won't get it done by the end of this month. And my finances are screwed up again.

So Sands is still in Chapt. 11. I'm off tomorrow so I'm going to try to get back into gear and write. I changed the blurb a bit before my computer croaked.

Police consultant Sara Phillips accepts her new FBI boyfriend's offer of a joint vacation. The couple want to get to know each other better but a dead body interferes with their quality time and turns the beginning of their trip into a manhunt. It is revealed that the killer is part of a vampire cult who buries their victims alive. Will Nick and Sara  solve the case before their time runs out?

Should I say manhunt or witch hunt or vampire hunt? 

What do you think?

The other books are still whirling in my head especially Water and Tail. I need to get them out! :)

Still thinking on the toll coin for Water. Now that I got my computer back I can do a little web searching about Latin and Greek phrases. Maybe I'll even go to the library and see what they got.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Just another manic monday

Well, still on Chapt 11 on Sands.

Haven't worked the story at all this last week. I need to get into gear if I want it finished by the end of this month.

I didn't take my computer in to be looked at. My finances were not able to stretch this month so I'll have to wait. It's working well enough for now.

Both my books seem to be up in the springfield-greene county library system.

For the toll coin in Water I think the roman numeral will stand for burial site. I need to look up some greek and latin phrases and words for the rest of the coin unless I'm going to make up a language to use.

All these ideas swirling around in my head. 2 books out, a third on its way but the 10 still in my head is just making it difficult to concentrate on just one book. I need to get Sands done so I can get going on Water and Tail.

I played around on canva and did a cover for Tail. 

What do you think? Does the pix look close to dragon scales?
I wanted to do the cover a bit different from my Elemental series. I like the way it looks but I'm not sure about the pix but it was the only one that came close to dragon scales.
So I now have the covers for Sands, Water, and Tail.  I just need to get them written. :)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Manic Monday May Update

Still on chapt 11 in Sands.

I just stare at the page.  I have a scene in my mind but getting there...That's the problem.

My computer's been acting up since I got it back last month from the fixer so I'm going to take it back in tomorrow and ask them to look it over again. It keeps shutting down, saying either that the display driver or Windows is having problems. I'm going to tell them I want it back by Thursday so they will prioritize getting it fixed.

This may delay finishing Sands.

I also donated one of my second books to the library. Hopefully, it won't take long to put it into the system. My first book has been in the book mobile for awhile and has had about eight check-outs so I think that's pretty good.

I'm still thinking on the design for the coin the killer puts in the victims' throat in Water. Should it be a large replica of Greek coins or should it be a new design holding meaning only for the killer?

What do you think?

I'm leaning toward a new design but I'm not sure what it should be. Do you have any ideas?

I was leaning toward this design. Roman numerals in the center on one side with greek or latin words and more words on the back.  And what should those words be?
Seriously what do you think?

Ideas for Water, Flames, and Tail are all swirling around in my head. I think that's why it's taking me so long to get Sands done. Too much stuff in my head! :)
Once Water is done I'm going to work on Tail and Flames, mainly Tail. I want to get that dragon out of my head. He's taking up too much room! :)
Also Flames and Air are mainly ideas and sporatic scenes right now. So I need to brood--think--over them for a bit anyway. But I will get them done before 2017 is over.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Manic Monday: end of month report

Half way through chapt 11 on Sands.

My deadline of May 31 is looming closer--5 weeks. I definitely need to get into gear and get this done so I can edit before I turn it over to be published by July or August. 

I want to get Water done by January so I can work on Flames and Tail during Jano.   That way Water can be out by March 2017 and either Flames or Tail can be out by August 2017. Maybe both. :)

Anyway, I need to get into gear. I need to get these stories out of my head so I can move on.

I played around with canva last night. There were two pictures I liked so I messed around with both.

The first one I liked the the background but the person doesn't look like Sara at all while the second one could be her but the back ground is kind of vague. However I like both, but I'll probably use the second one.   What do you think?

Sara will let her hair grow out a bit, at least long enough to braid but she ain't going to dye it blonde.

I figured out a toll for the killer in Water. He takes their driver's license and puts a large home-made coin in their throat before be dumps them on the shelf. I'm still thinking about the design of the coin.

When Sara and Nick show up, the killer sends the drivers license to the police with a note. He is upset that they disturbed his 'burial' site but wants the dead to be known.  He also states that he knows that Sara is a Voice, that he 'recognized' her from the moment he saw her...

Tail is about a lttle over half way done. Everything is about set up for the battle with the bad guy and of course the twist. I have the beginnings of an idea to continue this world with another story but I've regated it to the back of my mind. I have enough stories right now to contend with. :)

For Flames I have a vague outline of the story idea but I figure I'll flesh it out during Jano 2017 and finish it then.

I got all this swirling in my head right now.

After work tonight I plan to finish Chapt 11 and start on chapt 12. I got tomorrow off so I plan to work on Sands. Hopefully, I do.  :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Manic Monday

Finally finished chapter 10 in Sands!

I wasn't sure how I wanted it to read and re-wrote the confrontation of the co-bad guy and Nick like three times. I'm finally satisfied. At least enough to move on.

 The deadline I set for myself is looming closer: 6 more weeks. So I need to get into gear and finish this novelette. I want to have it out before the end of Summer and get back to Water.

In Sands I mention the background murder case that starts the premise of Water. A body wrapped in chains showed up in Florida which lead to the discovery of more bodies staked to the underwater shelf just off their shore but the murderer was never found so it went unsolved. 

Sands also explains why Nick doesn't have his weapon in Fire.

I also introduce a female vampire that will be important later in the series.


If you've read and enjoyed my book(s) then please review on Amazon. If you haven't gotten them, please either get them or read them through Kindle Unlimited.

I write my books as if they were movies: fast-paced and dialog driven. There's no flowerly language and only brief discriptions so that you use your imagination for most of it.  I'm not into long, drawn out writing so I write like I want to read.

 The 10 book ideas in my head are all clammering to be written--Now!  lol! So I re-read the bits I have written for each. That calmed them and renewed my determination to finish Sands and move onto Water.

Water is officially Water Ferrier as in the Ferryman of the river Styx. The killer drowns the victims, then stakes/chains them to the ocean shelf, essentially giving them a burial at sea.  With the Ferryman you had to have toll--usually coins--to pay him. I'm thinking about that for this killer too.

 So what do you think? Should there be a toll for this killer? And what should it be?


Monday, April 11, 2016

Manic Monday Sale

$ 1 off Sale Today

If you buy my new book Fire Walker on Kindle today you get a dollar off the regular price!

At the book signing Saturday, I only sold one of my new books but I got to talk to a few poeple. So exposure is good. I forgot my camera so I don't have pix.

I wrote a paragraph in Sands and I plan to get back into my regular schedule of writing this week. I need to get Sands done so I can move onto Water. About 10,000 more words and I should be done with Sands if I stick to the 25,000 I originally planned. But being a pantser that doesn't always work. :)

My friend Trav is working on his dragon story. He wrote and published a dragon book years ago but wasn't satisfied with it so he is writing another. I worked on Tail while he wrote on his story then and he went ahead and published his while I abandoned mine for awhile since I didn't like how mine was going. Now we're both digging into dragon stories again. :)

Two books down and 10 more to go to get the first batch of stories out of my head.  Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Aether,Sands, Flames, Waters, Tail, one more dragon book, and two sci-fi books. My brain is sooooo crowded. :)

At least they are only parts and pieces right now. I don't think I could fit 10 whole books in my head at once. I'd explode!  :)

Once I write--and finish--a book most of it deletes itself from my brain. I remember the premise but I don't remember details which is why I do bibles for my books so I can look up stuff. Because as I said I don't think I could have that many books in my brain and function.

So 10 more to go and I'm done with this batch. But once I get back to inputing my books in to the computer again I'll get a whole new batch and start all over again. :)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Beginning of month update

To celebrate 30 day anniversary, the paperback coming out, and the book signing I'm doing a special Kindle sale.

On April 9, Earth Reader is Free and Fire Walker is 99 cents. 

So if you don't already have either or both then this is the time to get them. Fire Walker will be  99cents for two days April 9 & 10. It will go to $1.99 on April 11 before returning to its regular price by April 12.

I will have a few copies of both books at the book signing at the Library Center on April 9. At the book signing I will also have some bookmarks and I will give away a T-shirt with the cover of my first book on it to the first person to buy my second book at the Signing. I also will have candy! :)

Next week I'll get back into Sands. I'm hyped about the book signing right now so after it's over I'll be able to concentrate back on finishing the novelette. I think I'll do Kindle and paperback for it. A friend suggested I might as well do both. I know I will do the Kindle for it right away but I don't know about the paperback. I'll think on it.

If I do do a paperback I think this will be the cover. What do you think?

I want the books to be different from my Voice books yet also connected. So the five triangles, symbolizing the four natural elements plus the spirit element.  And I liked the beach scene.

For Jano 2017 I plan to work on both Air and Tail, mainly Tail. I've been having dragon dreams and I need to get them out of my head. :)  But Flames will also be next on my list to get out in 2017. So I want to publish Water and Finish Air, Flames, and Tail all in 2017. Very ambitios of me but those stories keep circling in my head so I need to get them out.

For 2018 I also have a dragon book I want to get out as well as publishing Air and Deadly Waters. I'm thinking about combining the three Deadly books in 2018 and just putting out an omnibus--Deadly Vacations.  I'm still thinking on that as well.

I have a lot of plans but whether they will all come to fruition is another thing. But I will keep you posted. :)


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Paperback is out!

Fire Walker is now out in paperback!

Sharon's done an amazing job and got it out.

Jan also reviewed my book on amazon. 5 star!

If you haven't got a copy, please get one. And if you have read either or both books, please review.

Support your writers!  :)

Remember April 9th Book signing at the springfield Library Center. 11am-2pm. Twenty of us local authors will be there.

See I can do a short blog!  lol!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Manic Monday End of month Update

Still working on the proof of Fire.

 Hopefully we'll have it done by tomorrow and get the soft cover out by Wednesday.

Two kindle sold and a little over a thousand pages read on Kindle Unlimited this month. Not bad for an opening month.

Don't forget the book signing at the Library Center on April 9, 10am-2pm. Twenty of us Authors from Springfield Writer's Guild will be there.

I'm thinking about running a 99 cent Kindle special for Fire during the weekend of the book signing: April 8-April 10. But I'm not sure yet.

Wrote 2 pages in Sands--the confrontation with the compatriot of the bad guy's done. I need to kick myself into gear and get this done. Water is awaiting. :)

I want to get the stories in my head out. 5 Elemental Voice, 3 Deadly, 2 Dragon, and 2 Sci-Fi are cluttering my brain right now. I got 2 of the Voice out, but the others are still clammering to be heard. Until they are out, I can't even think about the others I have stashed away in my closet to be put in my computer so I stopped inputting for right now. I don't need any more cluttering up my head! :)

Hopefully, I'll get Sands out this summer and have Water done by Jano so I can get it out before May 2017 and get Flames out that Summer. I also want to work on Tail and have Air done by Jano 2018.

I'm being ambitious. :)

These stories/ideas have been in my head for years and won't go away now until I've finished them. So I might as well do so and publish them too. :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Manic Monday Status update

I got Fire's proof.

We're having someone go through it to make sure we caught at least most of the errors. No book is 100% free of errors but hopefully we are close. :)

I hit 1000 pages read this week on Kindle Unlimited. That's the most I've had.

Only 3 Kindle sold and still no reviews on Fire.

Don't forget that on April 9 at the Library Center we're having a book signing from 11am to 2pm.

I still haven't written anything in Sands. However the confrontation is percolating in my brain so when I sit down and write I think it will just flow right on out. At least I hope it does. :)

May 31 is still the deadline I set for Sands. I want to have it done and out before the end of the year as well as having Water done by Jano. 

Flames and Tail are next up to be worked on during Jano 2017.

I'm also still putting my story ideas/chapters into my computer in case I want to work on one of them during a case of writer's block. I have over 30 already in but have lots more. However that's taking a long time as I can't seem to not edit what I put in. I have put a few of the dragon ideas in, some of my sci-fi, and a couple of fantasy. I also have a werewolf story.  At the momment I've slowed down even more on putting them in and am mostly just organizing/editing them because I do have the tendence to want to edit and work on them while I put them in my computer.

I need to finish the Elemental series first, then move on to my dragon books.  My sci-fi ideas need some re-writes and they are mostly from my teen years. I do have two sci-fi that I have lined up to work on once my Elemental books are done. They concern nanites and super computers.

My Voice and Deadly series are the ones that I keep coming back to though and I dream about dragons a lot. So they are what I want to get done first.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Another manic monday update

Fire Walker has landed!


37 people took advantage of my free book offer this weekend. Hopefully, they'll put reviews on Amazon and get hooked enough to buy my second book. I think it's better than the first.

986 pages have been read on Kindle Unlimited. Part of those were with my first book.

Sunday Earth Reader was #384 in the kindle store under paranormal & urban. Yes!

As you can see I made a change with the book links. I replaced the link to my first book with one that takes you to the amazon page that lists both my books and added a link to my second book. 

The hard cover version of Fire should be out by March 25 or 28th. I haven't got the proofs yet.

Don't forget that if you're going to be in Springfield April 9 that Springfield Writer's Guild is having a book signing at the Library Center 11am-2pm. 18 of us are going to have tables there and look forward to seeing you readers there.

I haven't written the confrontation yet in Sands. Things just keep coming up to interrupt writing time. I'll get it done soon though 'cause I'm thinking over other parts of the story and can't get to them until this is done. 

I'm setting myself a deadline of May 31 to get Sands finished. I want to get back to Water so I can get it done by the end of the year. Sands brings up some background for both characters as well as some for vampire-human relations. Once Sands is done I plan to publish it before the year is over.

For 2017, I'm going to be ambitious and work on Air, Tail, and Flames as well as publishing Water.

I want to be able to publish at least two stories a year--one Voice book and either a Deadly story or a dragon book. I have several dragon ideas and want to get them out of my head. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fire Walker is out!

Fire is now out on Kindle!

Hopefully the hard cover will be out by the 25th.
I'm giving away my first book on kindle for Free this weekend March 11-13 to launch my second book.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Manic Monday Beginning Update

Well, it's March already. The year's moving along fast.

At least I think so.

I got Fire's corrections done and sent back to the publisher.

She called me to clarify some stuff but I was working so I couldn't stay on the phone long. I work both lunch and supper shifts Sundays so I'm at work almost all day. Makes a long day for me but gives me more hours without adding another day.

If you are going to be in the Springfield area on April 9th, please stop by the Springfield-Greene County Library Center for the Springfield Writer's Guild's Book Signing. We will be there from 10am to 2pm. 

Hopefully, I'll have both Fire Walker and Earth Reader. My publisher is going to try to have Fire out before the book signing.

Still haven't written much in Sands. I did re-read it and made a few corrections, but I haven't added many new words.  I need to get myself back into the writting mode and get it done so I can get back to Water.

I'm still thinking about the confrontation betwwen Nick and the human colaborator of the bad guy in Sands. I know I want Nick to lose his cool, his control, with the guy but should he hold him against the wall or car with his arm across the guy's throat and snarling in his face or should he lift him off the ground by his throat and glare at him with fangs showing?

The setting is the parking lot of a restaurant.  Both are appealing, but I'm leaning more toward the one against the car right now. I can see Sara laying a hand on his arm to calm him and his fangs retracting with him stepping away as the guy runs away.

Now I just got to sit down and write it tonight after work. :)

One of the persons that live in my building checked out my book. She read it and said she can't wait 'til my next one. :)

My Earth book is also making the rounds of my workplace. Some of the residents wanted to read it so I gave them a copy. I was told I couldn't sell it at my workplace since that would be soliciting and that's against the rules, but I could donate a book.

So I did.

Got possitive reviews so far. Too bad they don't go on Amazon. I could use some reviews there. :)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Monday

Leap year.

Hmmm. What to say... :)

Extra day of the year. Glad I wasn't born on this day? 

Anyway, it's an extra day this month so 5 entries this month for this blog.

I've had my cat Toby--Topaz-eyed boy--for a whole year this month.  He's a spoiled brat but he's my brat. :)  I don't know if I'm a typical cat mom but I do spoil him. He eats better than I do. :)

My housing problem is on-going right now, but hopefully I'll get it solved and get that off my mind.

I'm working on Fire's corrections. I hope to have it done before the weekend...

April 9th the Springfield Writer's Guild will be having a signing at the Library Center. 10 or 11a.m. to 2p.m. I hope some of you will come if you're in the neighborhood.  Support our wonderful writers.

I'll be there at a table--hopefully with Fire as well as a few copies of Earth.

I'm still thinking on the vampiric formal bonding ceremony.  Sara and Nick are already 'married' unofficially since the blood sharing but there's a formal ceremony. Much like Vulcans.  I'm planning to have the vampire 'wedding planner' to actually be like a priest and have their first 'meeting'  interrupted with the person staggering in and dying at their feet.

What an introduction, right?  :)

But I still want ideas for the reception.

I decided against a 'human' wedding since I think it would make Sara uncomfortable to spend Nick's money on something so frivolous--at least to her.

What do you think?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Manic Monday end of month

Didn't do squat!

Well, I did but not as much as I wanted.

I had problems with my housing situation. I'm still sorting that out.

Only a few words got written for Sands this month. I need to knuckle down and get it written so I can get back to Water. Flames will just have to wait a bit but I want Sands done this year. 

Needless to say I haven't worked on Fire's corrections either. I plan to sit down Friday or Saturday and work on them for awhile now that my immediate concerns have been taken care of.

Also I'm broke, I spent the last of my money on a hair cut for work. My hair was too long so I got it cut real short. Well, shorter than I normally do. So I can't go anywhere but work really until next payday which is next month.

 At least that makes me stay home and work on my writting! :)

Still thinking about Nick and Sara's wedding. I plan to interrupt the rehearsal  somehow with a murder. I'm thinking of having someone stagger in and collapse, preferably at their feet and causing them to cancel further plans that night. 

But I still don't know about the actual wedding. I'm thinking about doing a vampiric ceremony though. What would you think that curtails?

Should they 'publicly' share blood? I personally think that's private but maybe like the Catholics wine could stand in, though Sara doesn't like wine...

Anyway, what are your thoughts, click on the comment button below and tell me.

The reception is going to be 'normal'. :)

Cake, Food, dancing. That kind of thing and everyone invited.

Should I have the killer crash the reception or should he be caught before the wedding?

So many ideas running around my head when I should be concentrating on Sands and Water. ADD just scrambles my brain. I've learned to control it to a certain extent or I'd have never finished a book much less two.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mania Monday brief update

Real Life is kicking my butt!

I wish I could just re-write my life a bit to change a few things that happened, but of course we can't do that. Hopefully, things will settle down this week.

Anyway, I'm still in chapt. 10 in Sands since I've not written very much this last week.

I haven't worked on Fire's corrections either this last week. I'm hoping to work on it some this week unless something else comes up.

I'm still thinking about Sara and Nick's wedding. I'm going to introduce their wedding planner either in Water or Air and start the planning. The planner will be a vampire.

I still would like your input as to what you think their wedding should be like. Should it be based on a traditional wedding or do you think it should be a 'vampiric' wedding ceremony?  Maybe the ceremony is 'vampiric' and the reception is 'human'?

What do you think?

The copy of my book that I put in the library system has been checked out six times so far. I think that's pretty good.

I need to be getting back into Water so I can finish it by the end of the year. Sands is taking longer than I anticipated. Of course being a pantser that happens. But I plan to be working on Water by May and finish by December. That gives me 8 months for Water, but if it takes longer I'm not going to stress. As long as I publish Water by May 2017.

Flames will just be worked in there somewhere.

I already plan to work on my dragon story for Jano next year, though I wanted to finish it too this year. However I decided Water and Sands would be enough aggravation this year. :)

I'll try to keep you all updated on Facebook.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Manic Monday : Beginning of month update

It's February!

My birthday was yesterday and I played a few lotto tickets. Won a few small amounts so I just kept playing 'til I ran out of money. Easy to do when you don't have much to begin with! :)

The new year and birthdays make one think of resolutions and looking forward as well as reminicing about the past. So I dug out some of the goals and resolutions I made in the past years.

My writing goal is to have both the elemental voice series and the three Deadly stories out by the time I'm 50---So in the next 3 years. I figured this plan was doable and I didn't want to stress myself out. I also plan to have the dragon book out during this time--at least written anyway.

I also wanted to transfer all my writing to my computer and get rid of the bins of stories I had started over the years. I have made strides on that. I only have a milk crate left instead of two bins. Most of the stories need major overhauls before seeing the light of day but at least I can now work on them more efficiently.

There were short-term goals--some went through, others fell by the wayside. But overall I completed about a fourth of them so I feel good.

February 5th we had the Jano party. It was fun. Good food and good companionship.

I started on the corrections for Fire. Got three chapt done so far.

Still on chapt 10 in Sands--setting up the run-in with the human compatriot of the bad guy's. This story might be almost as long as Fire the way the characters are leading me.  But it will still be a Kindle only book. I'm still set on that.

I need to finish Sands so I can get back into Water. I want Water done by the end of this year.

I'm thinking about doing the Wedding in book 5--Aether. I would like suggestions as to what kind of wedding you think they should have.

Or should they just elope?

A Vegas wedding?  :)

Seriously, I'd like your input.

The wedding rehearsal will be interupted by a murder but the wedding itself will go through. So please give me your suggestions.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Manic Monday: Jano is over

Well, Jano ended yesterday.

14,794 words in total for me.  That means I'm half way done with Sands. Not bad for me as I barely made 10,000 last year.

Friday, Feb, 5th is the Jano party. I sent my entries last Friday so I'm good to go.

I got the book marks. Pretty cool. Now I just need to get Fire published.

Speaking of Fire, I got it back from editor/proof reader so I need to get started on corrections now that Jano is over. I run it through spell check but I'm terrible at punctuation and I miss quite a bit of that when I go through it. I get yelled at for that. :)

In Fire we learn a little more about the Aether plane.  It is where the elements connect and is usually referred to as the spirit plane.  I'll refer to it more in each book until we get to the fifth book.

What do you think of the title Aether Dreams for the fifth book?

I corrected some word counts as my program seems to be counting characters instead of just words.

I started chapt. 10 in Sands. Sara and Nick have a run-in with a compatriot of the killer's.

The showdown with the killer is getting closer and we're learning a bit more about them both.

What kind of wedding do you think these two should have?

I plan to start their wedding planning soon, now that they've settled in a bit with each other and would like your input.

 If you had unlimited funds, what would you plan?


Monday, January 25, 2016

Another manic monday update

Just 1049 words this week for Jano.

So a little over 13,000 words so far.

Real Life's been interfereing again with Jano. My computer got a virus and I couldn't write for two days. Hopefully, that's the last of my computer problems for awhile.

Fire is still with the editor/proof reader.

I ordered a few bookmarks with both Earth and Fire's covers on them.

What do you think?
I found out that my word count for Fire is wrong. Seems to be counting characters instead of just words so it's just above 38,000 words, not 46,000. I haven't checked any other stories yet. I'll just have to do that at the end when I finish each story.
Started chapter 9 in Sands. It's a little interlude before more serious happenings.

I'm hoping for 20 chapt, but the ending keeps intruding as I write. I don't know if I should just go ahead and write the ending and fill in the rest later or just wait. Being a pantser, I sometimes end up with a slightly different ending then I start with in my head.  :)

Maybe I'll write part of the ending in the bible and wait to see if the rest comes out.

I got a week to finish Sands on schedule so I best be getting in gear.

Real life needs to chill out! :) 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Manic monday update

Only 1600 words for Jano this week.

Another weekend of non-writing and a week of no energy, but at least I did some writing.

I sent my second book Fire Walker off to the publisher. Don't know any time tables right now but when I know I'll put it up on Facebook. I'll keep my author page updated.

Final cover. I played around with canva. com but this is still the one I like best. Continuity with the first book.

If you want to catch up in the series the first book is still available on Amazon/Kindle. I plan to run a 3 day First-book-free promotion when Fire comes out. At least I hope to. :) 

Chapt 8 in Sands and we get a brief history lesson about a bad time in the Vampire clans.  I want to give a reason why Nick does something 'bad' later in the Novelette.  Spoiler! :)

FBI Consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When suspicious fires break out in a rural community that resemble a strange blaze that took an FBI agent's life, Sara and her FBI boyfriend Nick Issaro investigate. Over the next few days the couple piece together the case and discover the arsonist's deadly secret--a secret so unusual it defies belief. Will they survive or will one of them go up in flames?

Final blurb. At least I hope so. :)

I will finish Sands one way or another by the end of this month. I want it ready for my Beta reader(s) by then. One of them is coming by tomorrow to get what I have done so she can get a start on it and make sure I haven't been redundant or forgetful so far. The scenes in my head don't always make it to the page. :)

Sometimes that's a good thing! :)

As I said I'll keep my author page updated with anything for Fire. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Manic monday again

I did 10,389 words so far on Sands. 

That makes the total 11,500 though only the 10,389 words count for Jano. I started out with 1112 words on January 1st.  Only 39, 500 words to go. :)

I didn't write at all on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday I spent reading and putting in Points for Prizes lotto tickets (scratchers) in at the MO lottery website. The tickets expire the beginning of next month so I wanted to get as many in as possible and I was behind on some fanfiction so I read a few. I'm still behind.  Sunday I worked two shifts so I was at work all day and just didn't muster the energy for writing.

I plan to get back on schedule tonight after work. And I'm off tomorrow so--Writing here I come!

Deadly Sands new blurb:

Police consultant Sara Phillips accepts her new FBI boyfriend's offer of a joint vacation. The couple want to get to know each other better but a dead body interferes with their quality time and turns their trip into a manhunt. They are desperate to capture the killer, who buries his victims alive. Will they find him before their time runs out?

What do you think?

Since Sands happens before Fire should I put it out first and wait a bit before I put out Fire?

Hey, I made a funny! Put out Fire-- :)

It's chapter seven in Sands and I've introduced the bad guy in Sands{Spoiler! :)}--And hinted at the reason why he kills this way--so I'm about half way done. I want to make between fifteen to twenty chapters like normal, just shorter chapters.

Well, Real Life is intruding again.

  Hope everyone that's doing Jano is having fun and prolific writing!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Jano is Here!

Jano has started and I'm off to a good start.

I'm working on Sands and Flames. Sands mainly.

I did 2021 words at the Mega Write-In and 901 words once I got home so with the 3000 words I did on the 1st I got 5922 all together these first 3 days. If I can at least keep a good pace I'll be doing good for me. I'm easily distracted...

Oh, shiny!


 I worked Sunday and decided I earned a break so I didn't write anything then. 

See...  :)

There was a character in Fire with a similar name with a character in Earth so I changed the character name in Fire.  I didn't want anyone getting confused since the character is a different person than the one in Earth. I sometimes use what I call 'place names'  until I finish the book and then I'll rename when I edit. Or I'll forget I used that name already from my list in either Earth or the dragon story and use it again, then realize I used it before when I edit and change it then.

I have like five stories going in my head at one time--the dragon story Tail, Water, Air, Deadly Sands, and Deadly Flames right now.  I shift through them daily even though I really only concentrate on one at a time. However if a good scene happens in my head I write down the idea for further work later when I'm working on THAT story. :)

 Sands is going to reveal a bit more about both Nick and Sara as it is suppose to be a getting-to-know you vacation even though a dead body interrupts that.  We learn a bit about Sara's past and a bit about vampires as the story goes along. Each have interesting pasts that have a baring on their futures.

And of course there's going to be a twist.

I've already alluded to it in the story, and it has something to do with the vampires' gift of empathy.

Spoiler!  :)

Sands and Flames are 'novelettes'--I plan 25,000 words or less each.  They're about the vacations Nick and Sara take, as will Deadly Waters be. I planned only the three novelettes and as Kindle issues until the third story. I plan to do an omnibus then with all three.

I also plan to finish Water this year as well as Tail.  Sands, Water, and Tail for sure; Flames maybe. So this year's going to be full as you can see.

I hope to finish Sands and get a good start on Flames during Jano.  And as I said before I'm off to a good start with 5922 words so far.  A little less then 20,000 to go for Sands and 25,000 for Flames.

Maybe I'll make the 50,000 words this time. :)