Tuesday, March 24, 2015

End of March Status

I'm almost done with the corrections on Earth. I've been side tracked by life, but I'll get them done by the weekend. That's my goal.

Fire's still in chapter two. I only wrote a few words. I'm still refining the kill method. The killer's a fire starter, but that's separate from the voice part. The voice part gives the killer control of fire--Most of the time a fire starter is also a voice, but a voice doesn't have to be a fire starter.

I have to give a 'logical' mental power--like the killer causes the body temp to rise fast and dangerously high, causing the victim to burn or the killer 'excites' the atoms in the body, causing an explosion/fire. Either way heat has to be generated to the point where they burn...

 I ain't sure which I like better.

What do you think? Or is there another explanation? Please comment below...I really want to know your thoughts on this.

Water--drowning, obviously. Saw an article about a crew thrown overboard tied to an anchor years ago. So bodies anchored to the sea/ocean bed, but drowned in fresh water...

As you can see I changed Water's name again. Water Ferrier as in the Ferryman of the river Styx. I'll have to think of a cover for it since I can't use the one I thought of before. But it goes along better with the storyline, as to why the killer does what he does.

Air or Wind Whisperer is easy enough--suck out the air. Explosive decompression or suffocating on their own carbon dioxide for cause of death. I can use both depending on circumstances. Control of the air/wind currents, etc. Still letting the storyline percolate...

I'm still not sure how I want Aether to go. The last of a story arc or the beginning of a new one. I still have time to decide that though.

Well, that's the status so far...

Remember end of May-- Earth Reader!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Next Step

 First off, I got my story back.  So I'm going through and making corrections. Once I get Earth reviewed, I'll spend more time on Fire. Getting Earth out is top priority right now. May will be here before we know it.

That's not to say I haven't worked on Fire. I did do another page of Fire. I also read an article on spontaneous combustion since that theory is brought up. I guess in a way it is spontaneous combustion though the murders are caused by a true fire starter...

Water's basic outline is set, but with Air I only got the mode of killing so far.  I'm letting them percolate. 

 I've also figured out the name of the killer for Fire--'fiery twin'. It's perfectly appropriate.  If you were to look up the killer's name in Earth, you'd see it is appropriate for him. Would these bits be considered Spoilers..?  :)

I got an idea for Fire's cover now, but still nothing for Air or Aether yet.

What symbol would you use for Wind Whisperer?.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Elemental Voice Series

I decided to call this series The Elemental Voice.

After all Sara is a 'Voice'. 

I had some cards made up with the symbols to go along with this series. None of the titles are on it since those are always subject to change... :)

Speaking of change--Water Scale or Water Weigher? Weigher goes better with the others but...

What do you think?

 I have a picture in mind for Water's cover, but not Fire's or Air's yet.

Fire's still in chapter two but I wrote a few pages so it's moving along. I still like the multiple personality angle, but I think I'll add a bit of a twist to that as well. :)

 It might be a 'predictable' twist so to speak though....

Earth is still with the editor. I'll be getting it back soon, then I'll have to make some changes before it goes to the next step.