Monday, May 26, 2014

Long time, no see

So guess it's past time to give a status report.  I've been looking for a job the past months and got one.  I'm a server at a senior living facility.  Once I get settled in to working again, I'll spend more time on my book. I haven't really been working on it recently, just a few words here and there.

I'm almost finished with my book. I've got about 3 to 4 chapters to go and I'll be done with my first draft. Then of course comes the editting.  I'm working on the leading-up-to part but the confrontation itself can go two ways with the same ending. The confrontation is the reveal of course so got to do it right. :)

I've also been re-reading some of my books at bedtime. It helps me relax since I've been restless and having trouble getting to sleep.  Murder mysteries, of course.  The puzzle's the thing, as they say. :)

The MO Lottery has that points for prizes thing going on.  I've used some points and got a set of Corelle wear.  I'm accumilating points, but I don't know what I want next. I have enough points for either a metal detector, a cd/dvd player, or a freezer full of meat.  What do you think?  Should I mention that I don't cook much? :)