Monday, January 15, 2018


I cleaned this weekend and one of the things I did was reconfigure my writing area.

I still need to get a few things to straighten it up like a few magazine file boxes.

I also need to go through the desk itself and get rid of things that I don't need or use anymore. When I moved I just brought everything in the desk too.

The photos on the wall are of signings. My first one, the last one and my table set-up. I also have a picture of some woods. It reminds me of my favorite Robert Frost poem:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep

The lamps are there because it's dark in that corner, the whole room actually. A folding chair for visitors and a padded chair for me.

So this is my reconfigured writing area.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

confabulation of Dragons

Tail is almost done.

I decided on this cover for it.

It's the first of the Fallborn series. My group of dragon stories.

I have four of these started. Tail, Eye, Claws, and Wings. They are set in different worlds and even a few have 'magic'.

Tail has mental powers. Telekinesis, telepathy, etc. That's the 'magic' involved in that story. A royal messenger carrying a fabled jewel is attacked, but her companion escapes with the jewel. However, the companion too is attacked later and the jewel saves her life by connecting her to the last remaining dragon.

Claws has magic. Dragon magic. Dragons had once been common, but they had warred and only a few had survived. Those few had retreated to their shrines and most slept, but a few remained awake and had human Servants. Two slaves escaped at one such shrine and became that Dragon's Servants.

Eye has magic as well. Mages control the magic. They become Adapts when they entice a familiar to them. Familiars are created in leyline nodes but how is unclear to humans. A Voice, a head priestess of the Goddess temples, is asked to clear an old temple where a murder happened. She finds a dragon familiar.

Wings has shifter magic. Dragons have been hunted to exstinction and the only proof they existed at all is a set of wings mounted above an old throne in an ancient castle.

And that's the four stories.

Now I need to do a blurb for Tail.

Blurbs, Blurbs. Always got to do a blurb. They're hard to do. You want to hook the reader, but you don't want to reveal too much of the story.

I also have modern day dragon stories. There are three of them. I don't have titles for them yet. I just have a few scenes done for each. I'll summarize them in another entry.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Zombie Apocalypse is here!

Well, My version anyway.

My zombie dribble--a dribble is something less than 4,000 words--is out on Amazon now.

I sat down and wrote it out in that one sitting. I might turn it into a novel sometime in the future if I get a good response.

It's written in diary form. A survivor of an apocalypse decides to write about his days in a seemingly idyllic valley. However this valley holds a secret.

Here's a teaser:

We call them Z's; short for Zombies though they're more ghoulish. And, that slow-mo crap Hollywood portrays, it’s a bunch of hogwash. Z’s aren’t slow, yet they’re not faster than a human, and they sure as hell don’t walk funny. At least the movies got one thing right, destroy the brain and they’re dead.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

More changes

Two London Bobbies guarding the entrance to my crime scene!
oops updated it again! Took the Bobbies off. Saw this and said "That was what I was looking for."

I also changed the pic for the link to my books as you can see. .

It's amazing what pictures you can find on public domain sites. A lot of my pics for my book covers and blog come from the public domain. They don't cost anything and they are nice quality shots.

I updated the word counters for my stories on New Years Day. And deleted some of the stuff from the Pages section. I'll repurpose those pages with something later. Teaser 3 is going to be an excerpt from Mortal Voice. I'm not sure about the others.

 I kept the  raw first draft excerpts from my first two books--Teasers 1 & 2--Earth and Fire respectively.  I also kept Z is for Ghoul excerpt up for right now but once it's out I'll probably take it down. .But Earth and Fire will definitely stay up to tease any newbies.

Mortal''s Blurb is still not done.

Flames is about to introduce the suspects. As you know this killer has a twist--the arsonist is transgender. There are four main suspects and a budding arsonist in the wings.

Tail had more of a twist than I thought. ;) Hawk didn't get to flambé the king, someone else got him first while Beka watched. But Hawk shows up and saves the day--well, Beka. Another confrontation is about to happen, one that will surprise the queen and Keth as well as Beka and Hawk. 

Mortal Voice II is coming along. Still in chapt. 1. Heading back to the motel from the crime scene where they found the mummified remains and a skull.  The victim was out there following a trail fifty years old and found what someone didn't want her to.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


I started Mortal Voice II.

I was working on Flames and suddenly this scene for chapt. 1 of MVII flashed before my eyes. So I wrote it down, of course. Now I'm working on three books right now: MVII, Flames, & Tail.

MVII starts out at a crime scene, just like MV. Slid right into the case. The woman has been missing for 36 days and the family still holds out hope--well, most of them. Jaci finds a skull, but it's not the woman's. However, the woman's body is there, mummified.  What is strange though to Jaci is that the land is weirdly silent. It doesn't give her a lot of information, just the basics of the woman's death and no more. And the land feels hollow, empty. Not what she's used to. Something is wrong.  And Jaci means to find out what caused this.

Tail is almost done. I had the confrontation with the king and Beka. Only it turned out to have more of a twist than I originally thought. :)

I added a few pages in Flames. Nick and Sara have met with Seb, the wedding planner. So that can be checked off. And another fire has happened but it's not their arsonist, just someone taking advantage of the fires for his own edge.

Still working on Mortal's blurb.

Don't know when Z is for ghouls or My Orange Crush (Toby's book) will be coming out.  But be on the look out. Sharon has them and may publish at any time.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Writing a blurb

Here is the definition of a blurb from a dictionary.
blurbs (plural noun)
  1. a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement.
Sounds easy, but it's not.
You don't want to give away too much of the book, but you want to hook the attention of the reader.
I'm working on the blurb for Mortal Voice and I keep redoing it 'cause I don't like the little bit that I've come up with. I don't want it to sound like a romance novel or sound too much like the Elemental Voice series either since it is neither.
What I have so far:
Necro-Covery recovers missing persons, presumed dead. Our investigator has skilled consultants, including one of the nation's top forensic anthropologist, to help him sluice out clues. We guarantee results.
So states Jaci Travers and Paul Rooney's business.
I wrote four short blurbs and erased all but this one. I'm still working on the blurb 'cause even though I like this one it still isn't right so still working.
Jaci and Paul get called to a track of land to do her 'thing' 'cause the sheriff needs evidence fast on a man he has in holding since you can only hold a person without charging them for 24 hours. She leads them to remains of 7 women. The sheriff also has a case that has been haunting him for 10 years that he decides to ask her to look at. It turns out that both killers had the same secret, loosely linking the cases. A victim's father makes a business proposal that would make Paul and Jaci's dreams come true. Is it for real or will it be snatched away by the negative PR sure to come from the one killer's case? 
Got to make a blurb out of this bit. I like the last two sentences so I think I'll keep them the way they are but I got to figure out the rest.
Tail is at the confrontation of Beka, the King, and Hawk with a surprise visitor. The King is going to get a surprise himself before Hawk fires him up. I think Tail will be around 35-37,000 words. instead of 50,000. Though I'll be editing it after I finish so I might add some words.
I wrote a few pages in Flames.
Like I said I plan to get Flames and Tail out this year.
Waters and Mortal II is next on my list to work on after I get Flames and Tail out. Air/Wind and Mortal III are next after that. Then Deadly Aether to finish out the Elemental voice and companion series. My Fallborn dragon books will just have to fall in there somewhere if I can't work on the others.
Then there's my Alliance books and the Time-Lost books, and standalone dragon books. I've got lots to work on. And all of them need blurbs.
What have I gotten myself into!  :)


Thursday, December 14, 2017

a slice of dialogue

Mortal Voice is done!

Not entirely happy with the way it ended, but I was already over my projective word count. And any more would just degenerate.

Rounded up the cases and interjected a bit of future connectiveness.

You shall see in a future book.

I got three planned so far. Mortal, After long silence, and Earth Bound. I have the covers for all three done, but I need to work on blurbs and Bios for them.  Especially Mortal since it's coming out this year now that it's done.

I need to finish Flames and Tail.

Tail is almost finished just the confrontations to go and the ending. Right now the meeting with the queen is happening, then the confrontation of the armies at the Pass will come. While they're fighting, the evil man will snatch Beka, causing Hawk to follow. Thus begins the main confrontation.

So 15,000 to 20,000 more words should finish Tail.

Flames is still in the beginning stages. Only a little over 5,000 words in. Though it's a novelette it still needs a lot more words than that! :)

These two need to get out this coming year.

Toby's book and my zombie dribble is coming out too this year. Sharon has them and is working on them. They'll come out first.

Waters and Air/Wind need to come out in the next year as well if I'm going to make the deadline I set  by my 50th birthday. I don't think I'll make it but I'm going to try.