Friday, May 18, 2018


I heard some talk about my Elemental Voice series and wanted to set it straight.

EV is written the way it is for a reason. It is a series within a series. The Jaci Travers character of Mortal Voice writes the EV series.  That's why EV's kinky and a bit campy. It's a romp through Jaci's mind.

MV is written in similar style but with a twist. A serious twist.

So don't judge MV by EV.

My time-lost book.

Deeper into the Past is a terrible title for a sci-fi book but that's what's happening. They're going into the past, past misdeeds. I thought about calling it Jihad since it concerns a religious war. Both past and present in the book. The more I think about it the better I like Jihad. But I don't know...There's a lot of negativity to that word.

Well, I have time yet to think of a title.

There are five time-lost books. So five titles to come up with.

I messed around with and did some 'fake' covers. Pics I liked. So I have something to work with when I figure out the titles.

I have temporary titles for my Alliance books as well as covers using those titles. Just started on the bibles for them. 

Got a lot of bibles to put together.  I work on them when I can't write. Keeps me 'at work', even though I'm not working on a book per se. Without the bibles I'd be lost.  Too many books to keep track of. My head is just full to the brim, overflowing actually.

Which is why I write to begin with. Get all this out of my head.

They say we only use 10% of our brain. I think writers use more.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bit of a word

I opened a time-lost book.

It was knocking at my brain harder so I decided to open it. So Flames and it are open right now on my computer. Flames is next on the list to be done and so is Wind, but the time-lost book has been on my mind for awhile and won't go away. 

I've been dreaming about the time-lost book. 

It's tentative title is Deeper into the Past. I'll probably change it as soon as an appropriate title comes up. I'm twenty pages in so far. Most of which was already done. I added a page when I opened it.  The plot bunny for it calmed down when I wrote that page.

It's been hot in my apartment this last week. I haven't felt like writing. I've been reading and doing covers for my books. Everything in my apartment is electric and I'm already behind on my payments to CU. So I've been working on the computer in the cooler morning, then laying in bed reading in the afternoon with the windows wide open. Sleeping's been rough too.

 I finally broke down and turned on the air this afternoon. . I'm sure Toby was happy I turned on the air. He can't change his fur like we can. (clothes)

And the first thing I did was take a nap!  :)

So I'll leave open Flames, the horror story, and Past.  Those are the three I'll work on now. Mainly Flames. It needs to get out. It and Wind.

I'm working on the horror-mystery story's bible. Still don't have a title.

I have the time-lost outline bible done. Just have to get down to the nitty gritty.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nattering again

I had a fairly nice book signing.

I set up another one for October. 

Hopefully, I'll have Flames out by then as well as the dragon book. I'm also working on a horror mystery. Maybe I'll have all of them out by October. :)

So the three books I have open are Flames, Wind, and the horror mystery.

The horror story has a vampiric shifter who returns to his home to find that it had been sold ages ago  and strangers were now living there. He offers them money to leave but they refuse and he kills them. Their probate lawyer refuses his offers as well and he meets a similar fate.  Meanwhile the homicide detective learns that these aren't the only murders and strange happenings associated with the house. Two past inhabitants had disappeared and were presumed dead, bodies never found.   Hanlan, the detective, stumbles upon a hidden way, and finds the bodies of those inhabitants trapped.  The shifter gets his hands finally on the deed and crosses verbal swords with Hanlan. There's a secret in the house that the shifter wants to keep Hanlan--and the rest of humanity-from getting.

What do you think?

What should I call it?

Flames. The suspect is going to be revealed. Confrontation is coming up soon. More revelations about the why.

Wind. Still in chapt. 2. Haven't done much with this story.

I hope some people try out my new book. It's different from my EV series even though the main character has the same gift. No vampires to be found.

My sci-fi books are coming up soon. I think I'll finish Flames and Wind, then do one of my sci-fi books. A time-lost one I think. They're in better shape than the Alliance books. 

I just have to do covers for them. Well, and come up with titles. The Alliance books already have titles and covers, but only ideas written down while the time-lost have chapters written but no covers or titles.  I wrote the time-lost a long time ago, teen years, while the Alliance ideas came to me more recently. So covers and titles for the time-lost.

So off to public domain for pics.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Book Signing Saturday

I hit a little bump.

Well, besides the being robbed bit last month.

I got the few issues of the new book I ordered, but my bank says I don't have money in my account to cover ordering any more. I had planned to order some of the others but now I'm stuck with just the little I have.

I thought I had some money in that account but the bank says no.  Maybe all those fees that they keep hitting me with ate it.  :)

Anyway I'm still going to be at ABC Books Saturday.

Someone is reading one of my books through KU or KOLL.  I checked it this morning and it had some activity over the last few days. I hope they like it.

The Elemental Voice Series is 'written' by the main character Jaci Travers in Mortal Voice. So I made it a little 'over the top' in some areas. At least I think so. But I had fun writing them and still do.  The Mortal Voice series is more serious in some ways but I wanted to keep that fast-paced read feel.

If you've read Earth Reader and liked it, please review on Amazon. 

If you haven't read it, go to KU and DO! :)

EV has one book(Wind Whisperer) and it is done while the companion series has two(Deadly Flames & Deadly Waters) Then there is an Epilogue book Deadly Aether that brings everything together. SO four more altogether to complete, then I can more on to my sci-fi books.

Or I might slip one of the sci-fi books in after Flames & Wind. The time-lost and Alliance books keep knocking at my brain and whispering things. They've waited a long time already.

I'm going to go through my table/signing storage bin tomorrow and make sure everything is ready for Saturday. It got glanced over last month to ensure everything was still inside. Now I'm going to make sure it didn't walk off while I wasn't looking. :)

I also have a "free" book starting tomorrow. Fire Walker. So if you don't have it now's the time.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Thinker, writer, reader, detective

I look similar to this every night when I sit in front of my computer, working on my book or surfing the internet.

I'm in my own little world. Well, not so little. :)

It's more like I daydream, then think.

Sometimes it does seems to me that I over think things though.

I stare and sink into my mind and think, but then something happens and all the plans go up in smoke.

Writer. I'm a pantser but I still make outlines and plans. I just ignore them.:)  You got to be true to yourself.

I'm an avid reader. Once I start a book I usually finish it in the same day.

And being a detective. That comes with murder mysteries. You got to have a clue, in more than one way.

These four words describe what I think of myself.

How would you describe yourself?

Flames is still half-way done. The arsonist will be revealed and the chase will be on. Another fire and there will be a confrontation in the woods that will go pear-shaped. After this they're going to need a vacation--wait that's what this was suppose to be.

Wind. Still second chapter. Already introduced two suspects or are they just caught up in the murders? Is one of them the cause and the other the perp?  Is it a serial or is it purposeful?  Maybe all the above?

MVII. Second chapter. Gaea has dropped a bit of a bombshell on Jaci. There is a reason the land is seemingly recalcitrant. Jaci has to fix the problem before she can get real help, but she needs the land's help to fix it. a catch 22.

I got a new review on Earth Reader. A 5 star. Thank you.

Now if all 100 who took advantage of my free book would do the same. I'd love it.

Monday, April 23, 2018


100 people took advantage of my free book. YES!

 Hopefully, some will give me 'good' reviews on Amazon.

And go for my other books as well. They are all fast-paced and got at least 4 stars. An hour or two amusement, depending on how fast you read. I usually read books twice. The first time fast, the second time slower to make sure I get the nuances.

Flames is coming along. It's half-way done. The arsonist is about to reveal him/herself.

Wind. Into the second chapter. Cop shop talk right now. They'll head off to the club next where they'll meet one of the suspects. Or is she the reason for the murders?

MVII. Wrote out the burglary scene, but still working on chapter 2. Why is research into an old crime and disappearance so important? 

I straightened up my story folder. Now everything is in separate folders instead of all lumped in the misc. folder. There's still stuff in the Misc. folder, but I separated out the series. Looks much neater now. I wasn't working on a story so I decided to mess with the story folder. Sometimes during my 'working' time at the computer, I can't seem to focus on a story so I either mess with the bibles or create covers. But this time I decided to mess with the folders.

I was working on my stories, but not. So officially, I was working during my working hour(s). :)

The Alliance books are still knocking at the backdoor of my mind. But I need to finish Elemental Voice first. At least the next two books anyway. Then I might slip in an Alliance book.

My time-lost books have also slipped up a notch.

I got a review on Mortal Voice from Jan. 5 star. She likes this better than EV.  I hope others have the same opinion and it takes off so that the second book will have a following. EV has a small following and I'm hoping MV will have a larger one.

EV is the urban fantasy version of MV which is itself an urban fantasy. A play on a play.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Naming & Character Development

I've been asked how I come up with the 'perfect' name for my characters  and how I develop my characters.

As to the characters, I write down a list of who I need in each book, i.e. cop, bad guy, victim. Then I decide which is the ones that will interact the most with my main characters.  Those are the ones that get more development.  Most of this happens in my head, but I do put some of this in the story bible to remind me. Each character is basically developed in my head before I even start the story.

The names I choose from a baby book I have in my bookshelf near my computer. Each name gets said out loud until I happen upon the one I like best for the character.  I put the names down in the story bible next to who they are in the list (victim, bad guy, etc.)  And so they become that character.

Most of this is, as I said, done in my head,

I'm a pantser and I just write what comes to me.

Sometimes the storyline suprises even me.

I'll be writing along and suddenly the story takes a turn. I think what if this happens instead of this. And I write the new storyline and it changes the whole chapter or even the whole book. 

The 'What ifs'.

New scenes appear in my head. The characters even change a bit to fit the storyline.

All of my stories have been in my head for years so my subconscious has had time to develop these characters.  I have scenes for each and every book in my head.  The characters all have placer names like 'bad guy' for bad guys or Sara and Nick for every main character since I like those names. When I start writing that's when my characters get their names.

Names. Boys get boy names, and girls get girl names, of course. But most of the last names come from the boy section.  A lot of the time I flip through until a name catches my attention, then I build from it and deciding who it belongs to (victim or cop).  I usually have the bad guys name by the time I start writing. It usually has a meaning to it. Sort of like a spoiler. :)

Mostly by the time I'm ready to write, everything is already done in my story bible or in my head and I just sit down and write.