Monday, March 19, 2018

Book signing coming up in May

I set up  a book signing for Cinco de Mayo at ABC Books here in Springfield MO, 11 am to 2 pm.

My new book Mortal Voice should be out and there so if you want a signed copy, come.

Mark your calendars!

The two main characters, Jaci Travers and Paul Rooney, run Necro-Covery which searches for missing persons, presumed dead.  Paul is a PI while Jaci has a unique gift: The earth talks to her like a gossip to her coffeeklatch.  This gift allows Jaci to find the missing, the hidden.

Flames is coming along. I finished the interviews so I just have to round up that chapter. Using fire as the killing method speaks to a passion/strong emotion. That doesn't go away even when the object of that emotion is no longer there. Memories and the mind can play tricks...

Wind. I'm revamping the first chapter and making it longer. I think it needs more than four pages but I'll see how the revamping is going. It might only need four to five pages to start. I made the victims vampires instead of what I originally was going to do. It adds more to the story I think. A wind whisperer killing vampires. If it got out, it would be hunting season on Voices.

Waters. I haven't touch this at all and I need to. The bible needs to get done and I haven't even started the first chapter yet. I don't know where I want it to start though I have scenes for further in the book. It's mainly set in a marina and on a boat. I got a pic of the boat, a catamaran I think they're called. I got to do more research on that too. As I said the bible needs to get done so I have every thing at my fingertips when I need it.

And the dragon books, both Fallborn and standalones, are still in holding. Until 'Eye' is published that's where they'll stay for at least a little while.

I got Flames, Wind, and MVII open to work on right now.

I put a sneak peak of the first Alliance book up on my Sidereal blog. If you haven't seen it already then go read it. I might open it up as well to work on. I'm itching to start them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Progress & A sneak peek

The obsession of de-cluttering has calmed down.

I have Flames, MVII, and Air/wind open to work on. I've been adding snippets to each of them since Saturday.

I'm not sure if I want to get Flames out next or work on Air/wind and get it out next so EV series is out and just the companion series is left to finish or do Flames and Waters and get them out before Air/wind.  I promised myself I'd get the series out before I was fifty but seven books and an epilogue book just ain't happening. So should I get out the Main EV series than finish the companion vacation series or do Flames next? Which should be next up?

Flames is a little over the third of the way through while I only have the first chapter of Air/wind done. I'm working on both right now.

I'm holding off on the dragon books until after I get either Flames or air/wind done. I still have 'Eye' to get out. The dragon books can hold out until I get 'Eye' published.

The two Alliance books are still waiting in the wings until I get EV and the companion series done.

I got a lot of books in my Misc/Stories folder to work on. I also got stories in MyStories folder that I'm still putting in the computer. Though I've nearly stopped doing that since it makes me want to write on THOSE stories instead of the ones I should be working on.  I traded the milk crate for a basket but those stories still need to be inputted into the computer.

Mortal Voice is coming out soon.

The earth talks to Jaci Travers like a gossip to her coffeeklatch. This gift allows her to uncover the hidden, the missing.
Jaci and her PI partner Paul Rooney are called in to consult on a now hot cold case. Women have been disappearing without a trace and the sheriff now has a suspect but no evidence. Necro-Covery, Jaci and Paul's business, investigates missing persons cold cases and has a high Closure rate. The sheriff is desperate and time is running out.
 A victim's father makes a business proposal that would make Paul and Jaci's dreams come true. Is it for real or will it be snatched away by the negative PR sure to come from the one killer case?

What do you think of the blurb? 

Here's a bit of a sneak peek:

She was already getting a faint reading just from touching the road. When she stepped onto the land proper she knew the strength of the sending would be increased.
“Captain Horne said that you didn’t find anything in the house or at any of the crime scenes to link this guy to the murders.” Rooney looked at the sheriff. “But he said you think he’s good for it.”
“He ran into a woman that fits the type the killer goes for. His bad luck a deputy came upon the scene moments later.”
“According to what files I saw all the cars were hit and runs with the female drivers missing.”
“Yes.” Ackers nodded. “Five so far. With little or no paint transfer. The color matches his vehicle but there’s no damage for yesterday’s accident. The house he rents was a bust as was the yard around. Then we found he owned this parcel.”
Jaci stepped onto the grass and paused as impressions hit her. Taking a deep breath she walked until she came to a deer trail, then moved along it for a bit before stopping. She squatted and laid her hand on the ground. More impressions assaulted her. She pushed aside the strong negative emotions and concentrated on the perceptions she was receiving.
“Jak?” Paul squatted beside her, the sheriff standing to the side.
Seven, females, secret
“He’s killed more than five, Sheriff.” Jaci withdrew her hand from the ground and looked at Ackers. “There are seven bodies here.”

For the whole chapter see the teaser on Pages.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Rearranged again

This configuration looks less crowded than the other so I think I'll keep it this way.

The other way looked a bit cluttered and since I'm trying to de-clutter...

My cat tree moved to the window where the desk used to be and the two drawer bookcase moved to where the cat tree used to be. So my cat still has his view, though of a different area now. As soon as I moved it he jumped up and stayed on it for thirty minutes. I don't know whether he liked the new location or was just watching me do the moving around of the other stuff. :)

This way I get to stare at my lovely woods picture more.

Flames is in limbo right now. I haven't touched it since I started this de-clutter kick. But I plan to get back to it by next week. I gave myself another week to get this business out of my system.  Got to finish the questioning and end that chapter.  I think as soon as I do, I'll re-read the whole so I can re-fresh my memory on what has happened so far.  That should get me back in the rhythm and I should be able to churn out some words.

MVII is still in chapt 2. I still don't know what I should have in the research. But this book is not urgent so I have time.

Waters. I need to work up the bible so when I get Flames done, I can slide right into Waters. I got some of the bible done but I need to get more of it completed. This one is more urgent than MVII so I need to get on this. I want to have this series and EV(Elemental Voice) series done before I'm Fifty. I only got 11 months before I turn the big five O so I need to get to it. 

Air/Wind. This is the last official book in EV series. I got the first chapter done.  Part of the bible is done. But I still have stuff to do for it as well. Maybe after Flames I'll do this one so the EV series would be officially done and just the companion series would be hanging past my Fiftieth birthday?
See I got a lot to think about.

Aether. This is an epilogue of sorts to both EV and companion series. The main characters get married with both a body and an old enemy showing up. It can either tie up the two series or start a new one. I haven't decided yet.

Then there are my dragon books. Both Fallborn and standalones. I got 'Eye' done and it's in the wings waiting. The others have been started. All I have to do is pick one to work on.

So as you can see I have a lot to do. But this de-clutter thing is kicking me. So I'm going to work it out of my system and get back into writing.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


In the featured post you'll see what my writing area looked like before.

I traded in my milk crate for two end tables that I stacked and replaced the two drawer bookshelf with a five shelf one.  I got magazine holders as well.

I'm still fiddling with it.

I want to make my whole apartment look less cluttered so I'm sorting through what I got and straightening things up.  

I'm a pack rat. I keep everything. So when I moved I left lots of stuff behind. Why move it if I'm just going to get rid of it later?

I'm doing a part of my apartment at a time. I did part of my closet Saturday and part of my bedroom Monday. Tuesday I did my office.  Today I decided to rest and think about what I want to do next. I'll do some basic cleaning today in the rest of the apartment but nothing major.

If you go on my Sidereal Time blog you'll see the bedroom part of my redesign.

Needless to say I didn't work on my stories this weekend since I've been redesigning things.  So nothing new on that front.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

a brief peek

I did a page in Flames.

Still questioning the suspects. The grandson, the daughter, the couple that owns the place, and the grounds keeper that reported the fire. Trying to figure out how to slip in a clue without it being too obvious.  It would give away who the bad person is if one thinks about it but I need to slip in a clue so no one can say I didn't give hints! :)

I'll think on it some more.

Haven't touched MVII. Still haven't decided what all I want in the research they're looking at. The grandpa disappeared while on his own hunt and the granddaughter was killed because she was hunting for the grandpa. And of course, The 'bad guy' didn't want the past brought up since he killed the grandpa and now the granddaughter. So Paul and Jaci will be meeting opposition. And the land itself is not making her job any easier as it is being strangely silent. Stones have long memories and the land is very rocky so Jaci knows the silence has something to do with the past. But how long in the past? And will she be able to unravel it all before the killer adds her to his tally?

The Alliance books. I have two of them started.  The first one introduces the Alliance through Fiona who is at that time the only human. Five races make up the Alliance, three of which are vaguely humanoid but never mistaken for humans. The Nein are the 'jacks of all trades' and are the arms and legs of the Regent while the other races simply enjoy the comforts of the Alliance. As I said before the human government is not a 'good guy' in these stories. I will be playing on Human fears and greed.

I plan to work on these books as soon as my Elemental Voice Series is done.

My dragon books. I still haven't picked one to start working on. I don't know if I want to do another Fallborn or one of the modern day standalones.

Right now I have Flames and MVII open to work on.  I have the Fallborn, the standalone dragon books, and the Alliance books all moved to my 'to choose from' Misc. file on the computer. I also have other stories residing there, awaiting my attention. Over thirty of them to be exact. Then there's the milk crate full of written ideas. Plus my 'idea' book.

I need Indunne's golden apple so I can live long enough to write just what I got so far. That's not counting the ideas that are still to come.

So where's that golden apple?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

An overview

I set aside 'Eye' until my friend gets back to me with her ideas.

I haven't touched Flames for awhile. I'm still stuck on how I want to introduce the clue without making it too obvious. So I've been running different scenarios through my head but none of them feel right. The story's just been sitting there, waiting for me to get it down. I've been thinking just to not drop a hint here and just let the talk flow how it wants, then drop a hint somewhere else.

That's probably what I'll do.

MVII is still in chapt. 2. They're going to look at the research. I have to decide what's in the research and how much to reveal right now. Paul has an almost photographic memory so I'll have him look it over completely, and have Jaci just skim through it or better yet have Paul give her highlights.  

Dragon stories. I've been looking over all my dragon stories to see which one I want to do next. Another Fallborn or a standalone set in today's society. Two of the standalones have two or more chapters done as does one of the Fallborn.  One of the standalones is about a hidden dragon society within our own while the other is about a lone dragon surviving hidden in our society. There's a bit of magic to them, though there's also some science  or   alchemy involved.  The Fallborn one is In the Dragon's Claws.

Claws has magic as well.  Dragon magic. Dragons had once been common, but they had warred and only a few had survived. Those few had retreated to their shrines and most slept, but a few remained awake and had human Servants. Two slaves escaped at one such shrine and became that Dragon's Servants.

I'm not sure which I want to do next for my dragon fix.

I know that as soon as I finish Flames I want to start one of my Alliance novels. Well, I should say finish one of them since I started two of them already. I have a blog with info on the Alliance. If you're interested in reading a bit about it, you can get your info there.

I've been reading Fan fiction again. Yes, I started that back up and added another fandom: Avengers/ironman. I also expanded the pairing in NCIS to include others with Tony. I read slash as well as Gen since some of the case stories include such, though my favorite is the father/son of Gibbs and Tony.  Anyway I've been reading fan fiction again. This time I hope I don't get as obsessed with it as I was before.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Ran off a copy on disk of 'Eye' so a friend could go through it.

I glanced through it, but I need someone to read it to make sure it's fluid. Everything is in my head but I sometimes forget to put it on paper as it were. Or I repeat something. Hence someone to read to ensure fluency.

Didn't move very far in Flames. Still interviewing the suspects. The Hougtons. I got through the other two's interviews no problems but I'm not sure how I want to do these two's. I need to add a clue here but I don't want it to be too obvious. Sometimes it's hard to skirt that line and I just drop the clue in. This time I want a little more suspense before the reveal.

I don't claim to be any expert on transsexuals. I've made he/she how I want he/she to be.

MVII is coming along as well. I opened it up and looked at it the other day.  I'm in Chapt. 2 on it. The mystery the victim was researching is being unveiled. Though most of it is still mired in time. Jaci is hooked, intrigued by the strange silence of the land and that silence leads to a very dangerous confrontation at the end.

 I've been looking through my old writing magazines. I don't have too many of them as I only had two years of subscription to Writer's Digest and snagged a few from the writing groups.  So I decided to renew a subscription. I need to get file boxes to put the zines in so I can store them better. They're just shoved in my bookcase right now.

And Pens.  I got pens everywhere. Well, everywhere around my desk. I got them stuck in a drawer, in a coffee mug, and three laying on top of the desk. When I look for one I can't find one so I got them where I can see them. I used one to write a story idea down. #3 million and 6 maybe  :)

I've been cleaning out the desk a bit. so that's why I got the pens handy. They were all shoved willy nilly in the desk so now they're where I can get to them easier.