Thursday, December 14, 2017

a slice of dialogue

Mortal Voice is done!

Not entirely happy with the way it ended, but I was already over my projective word count. And any more would just degenerate.

Rounded up the cases and interjected a bit of future connectiveness.

You shall see in a future book.

I got three planned so far. Mortal, After long silence, and Earth Bound. I have the covers for all three done, but I need to work on blurbs and Bios for them.  Especially Mortal since it's coming out this year now that it's done.

I need to finish Flames and Tail.

Tail is almost finished just the confrontations to go and the ending. Right now the meeting with the queen is happening, then the confrontation of the armies at the Pass will come. While they're fighting, the evil man will snatch Beka, causing Hawk to follow. Thus begins the main confrontation.

So 15,000 to 20,000 more words should finish Tail.

Flames is still in the beginning stages. Only a little over 5,000 words in. Though it's a novelette it still needs a lot more words than that! :)

These two need to get out this coming year.

Toby's book and my zombie dribble is coming out too this year. Sharon has them and is working on them. They'll come out first.

Waters and Air/Wind need to come out in the next year as well if I'm going to make the deadline I set  by my 50th birthday. I don't think I'll make it but I'm going to try.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Just a bit of colloguy

Chapt. 15 in Mortal!

Almost done. Just clearing up the cases and setting up the second book. Everyone is taking their leave of Jaci and Paul, even though it's the two of them that are leaving. So far their business dream is on its way to being realized and their personal life seems to be on track.

Paul proposed to Jaci.

They haven't had much time to make wedding plans past that.

Mortal Voice is different from my Elemental Voice series. No vampires in society or psychics helping the police openly.. Her 'gift' is slightly different too.  Though man-made things still block her contact with the Earth(Gaea).

Her fearlessness is the same though. Hard to be afraid when you're protected by a powerful elemental. When she is in touch with the Earth(Gaea) she knows she is safeguarded, though she can be killed by a gun or knife, but the Earth will save her from harm if it can. It can cause an earthquake or open a hole beneath the 'bad guy' in a field or cause a tree to fall in the forest.  rocks to fall, etc.

I also made it so Jaci is the 'author' of my Elemental Voice series.  I want to stir up a little interest in them. I got a small core of readers, but of course I want to expand.

The next book in the Mortal series will  be a bit different. Only  one case to begin with a older cold case that ties in.  A 'recent' disappearance is tied in with an older mysterious disappearance. The 'recent' was on the trail of the old and someone didn't want that old one found.

That's why I called it: After long silence.

Treasure might be involved as well, though not what one would expect. Nor necessarily how.

I always love a bit of a twist somewhere.

Sharon said she'd get my ebook Z is for Ghoul out soon. It's just a little dribble about the zombie apocalypse that wouldn't leave me alone so I just wrote it straight out. About 3,000 words so not a big read.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Chapt. Eleven in Mortal Voice so far.

Tentative ID on remains under the shed say it's Harlow's father. However, who killed him is still up in the air. Paul and Jaci are tellin' a bit of their past 'cause they think Harlow is going to play the "They planted the evidence that's how she knew where it was' card. But there's gonna be a bit of a twist.

We haven't heard from Hasting yet. But he hasn't forgotten them.

A victim's father made a business proposal that would make Paul and Jaci's dreams come true. Is it for real or will it be snatched away by the negative PR sure to come from Harlow's case?

I had a dream the other night that my cat and me were at a book signing and he(mycat) was signing the books. I think it's telling me to publish his blog post book, either that or it's telling me that my cat is the one writing the book I'm working on now. :)

Maybe he is whispering in my ear at night. He does sleep with me. Hmmm.

I straightened my desk up a bit, but it's getting messy again as I'm working on Mortal right now.
Never stays clean when I work on a book. I have scraps of paper with scribbles on it next to my computer and usually one or more reference material on the desk too. This time I just have a lot of scraps where I jotted down something to remember for later. I gather the scraps up later and put them in the story bible so I can reference them more easily, but I still sometimes leave the scraps there.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Just a line

Chapt. 9 in Mortal Voice.

The presumptive test on the wood chipper at the caught killer's place(Harlow) showed the presence of blood,. and there's a male body/remains under the shed in the back. Who is it? Did Harlow kill him?

The other cannibal (Hastings) is out on bail. He and Jaci had a little run-in in the sheriff's office. Is she going to be his next victim or is he going to disappear like he planned?

Next up is the scene when they meet one of Harlow's vicitm's father.

 I haven't worked on either Flames or Tail. I've been obsessed with Mortal. It's like I have to get it done first before I can finish my elemental voice series. I have dreams about writing and when I get up I sit down and write a few pages of Mortal as if I had written it before.  .Maybe my subconscious is writing it!

 In my waking dreams it's a hit and garnishes interest in my elemental voice series.  Don't we all wish that?

Anyway, I'm plugging away at it, page by page.

I had a dream the other night about my Alliance series. Which brought up my other blogs, both Alliance and Sidereal. I changed Sidereal a bit, but I hadn't messed with Alliance. Maybe this dream was a stirring of my subconscious to look at my Alliance blog.

I'm working on organizing my writing area. I straightened my hand-written notes, but my desk is still a mess.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Just a bit of Organizing

My reference cabinet is organized now.

All the books I use for my writing is in this cabinet as well as a few of my writing magazines. Dictionaries and books of names, old handbooks are all here.

On top is my collection of fall and Halloween solar dancers to get me in the mood for murder. :)

Also on top is a mug full of pens and bookmarks I collected from other authors and around town. Never know when you'll need a pen or a bookmark for research.

My desk is still messy as is the two boxes next to it. They have my raw notes and business papers. That's next on my list to organize.

Still working on Mortal Voice. There seems to be two hospital scenes in my head so I'm going with the flow. Seems the one WBI agent wants to confront Paul in the hospital about his past and why he's working with Jaci.  Also the sheriff returns their SUV after their night at the hospital. So two scenes at the hospital.

Next up the scene at the caught killer's place.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

More words

Coming along on Mortal Voice.

Up to 12,095 words.

One killer caught, the other getting out on bail. Both Cannibals, though only our two main characters know that. Maybe they know each other, maybe they met at Cannibals Anonymous. :)

The one used a wood chipper to get rid of the bodies while the other buried what remained on a dump site, not caring about any other forensic countermeasures than plausible denial.  Two cannibals in one town yet only five missing women. Where are they getting their other victims?  And you know there has to be others. 

I don't know if I'll make it to 50,000 words on Mortal. I only have five more scenes in my head, one of which is the ending. After the scene I'm writing now comes the hospital scene. Next scene is at the caught killer's place and they're looking at a wood chipper while CSU takes a swab and it shows positive for blood. Then Jaci is talking to the second cannibal or should I say he's talking to her about minding her own business which she says she is. Another scene is with one of the victim's father talking to them about investing in their company. And the last scene is cannibal being led away in handcuffs and he tells Jaci that it ain't over.

That's all I have in my head right now. 

I've already written the scene where Jaci says she's the author of my Elemental Voice series. Maybe that will stir things up. As I've said before Elemental is the dream and Mortal is the reality. Elemental is how I'd like the world to be with vampires and psychics real and accepted and Mortal is how it is now.

I'm at the scene where Keth, the exile, meets the Queen in Tail. They are both headed toward the pass and the confrontation with the Rennon Army.  It's going to be love at first sight. But they are both pragmatic and don't say anything until later.  Beka's meeting with the man behind everything is getting closer as well. There's gonna be a surprise during that confrontation.

Flames is not being worked on right now. I want to get Mortal Voice done. It's like a compulsion to work on it. Maybe I needed a break from Nick and Sara. Once Tail and Mortal are done, I'll go back to Flames. I had planned to finish the four books I still have in those two series before I turn 50. So I got a little over a year which I don't think I'll make but Flames is coming out next year.  One way or another!


Thursday, November 9, 2017


My sort of NaNo bit is coming along.

1774 words so far today which makes it up to 7,010 words on Mortal Voice and 31,776 on Tail. I want to get them both done NOW!  The problem with writing is writing. :)

I wish I could just take it from my brain and zap it on the page. It's all there in my brain but finding the words sometimes just makes me frustrated.

I already got a cover and title for the next book in the Mortal Voice series. I just saw this public domain picture and it screamed next book. So I did a cover.

I used my line 'read the earth like a medium hears the dead' in Mortal Voice. She's explaining her gift and the agent doesn't believe her so she tells him that.

Mortal Voice is a little different from the Elemental Voice series. Mortal is set in our world without vampires and the law enforcement is skeptical about psychics. She and her partner own a company called Necro-Covery that helps find missing persons--and dead bodies--instead of being a FBI consultant.  Her 'gift' is a little different as well. You could say Elemental is the dream and Mortal is the reality. I might even have Jaci write my Elemental series in Mortal. :)

I need to write a blurb for Mortal as well. Something to entice the readers to buy. Hmm.