Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Naming & Character Development

I've been asked how I come up with the 'perfect' name for my characters  and how I develop my characters.

As to the characters, I write down a list of who I need in each book, i.e. cop, bad guy, victim. Then I decide which is the ones that will interact the most with my main characters.  Those are the ones that get more development.  Most of this happens in my head, but I do put some of this in the story bible to remind me. Each character is basically developed in my head before I even start the story.

The names I choose from a baby book I have in my bookshelf near my computer. Each name gets said out loud until I happen upon the one I like best for the character.  I put the names down in the story bible next to who they are in the list (victim, bad guy, etc.)  And so they become that character.

Most of this is, as I said, done in my head,

I'm a pantser and I just write what comes to me.

Sometimes the storyline suprises even me.

I'll be writing along and suddenly the story takes a turn. I think what if this happens instead of this. And I write the new storyline and it changes the whole chapter or even the whole book. 

The 'What ifs'.

New scenes appear in my head. The characters even change a bit to fit the storyline.

All of my stories have been in my head for years so my subconscious has had time to develop these characters.  I have scenes for each and every book in my head.  The characters all have placer names like 'bad guy' for bad guys or Sara and Nick for every main character since I like those names. When I start writing that's when my characters get their names.

Names. Boys get boy names, and girls get girl names, of course. But most of the last names come from the boy section.  A lot of the time I flip through until a name catches my attention, then I build from it and deciding who it belongs to (victim or cop).  I usually have the bad guys name by the time I start writing. It usually has a meaning to it. Sort of like a spoiler. :)

Mostly by the time I'm ready to write, everything is already done in my story bible or in my head and I just sit down and write.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Mortal Voice is out!

Both the printed and Kindle editions!

The back cover is a little long, but it explains the story better than what I first had. As I've stated before I'm terrible at writing blurbs so good thing Sharon looks them over and fixes them. :)

I set up a freebie for the 18th thru 23rd of April to Celebrate the launch of this book. So if you don't already have Earth Reader on Kindle, that's the time to get it. Fire Walker is free on the 5th of May to coincide with my book signing so even those who don't attend get something.

I got two self-made books from Toby's blog that I'm taking to the signing. If anyone wants one, bring a bag of Meow mix. Toby has no use for money. :) 

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Mortal Voice is coming out on Ebook/Kindle today.

Hopefully, it takes off once it launches. Isn't that what we all hope?

It took three years to get this one out. I had started it in 2015 and was to be my second book out. But I got distracted, I suppose you could say. The readers of Earth Reader wanted to know what happened next so I decided to work on Fire Walker and pushed MV aside. I did that for two more books, then decided I needed to get it out so last year I pulled it back out.

Right now I'm working on MVII, Deadly Flames, and Wind Whisperer.  Deadly Flames is about half-way done and the one I'm working on the most. But all three are always open on my computer so I can work any of them at any time.

As I said these are my 'urban fantasy' books or paranormal mysteries. I decided to get them out first before I get into my sci-fi books. The Alliance and Timelost books are next on the list. I listed the four Alliance books on my Alliance blog.  They're a bit different in that they paint humans in a negative light and I warn people about that. It's a very negative look at humans. What arrogance will do to the human race if it's allowed full reign.

The Timelost books on the other hand are positive look at what one good person can do. They are set in a different universe than the Alliance books. Humans are just humans, good and bad, plus we got evil aliens.  Just a normal sci-fi series.  Well, sort of. If Bio-mechanical changes and nanities are normal sci-fi. :)

So that's what's next.

 I also have some dragon books. The Fallborn series which is set in different worlds and some standalones that are set in modern day. I'll work on them as I work on the other books. These are on hold right now since I have one Fallborn book finished. As soon as it's published I'll open another dragon book.

Generally, I open three books on my computer and hop between them when I work. I write a few words or a scene, then I go to the next book and do the same. I have ADD and have a hard time keeping to just one story at a time. I get distracted easily. I play music or an old movie while I write. I used to do my homework to music and got better grades when I did. I seem to write better when my subconscious is engaged with the music while the rest of my brain is on my writing.

 Or is it the other way around?  :)

The processing part is getting the Alliance and Timelost books out of my old files and moving them to the Misc file folder where I can get to them more easily. All my old stories are stored in a large folder or are still on hand-written papers so I have to process them one way or another to get them to my Misc. file folder where my working files are located. I have to get all this together before I can work on them any further. Though I have four books yet to go on the Elemental Voice series I still like to get everything together ahead of time.

So now you're up to date with what's going on in my writing world.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A summinging up & Proofs

There are four more books to go in my Elemental Voice series:

Deadly Flames. Second book in the companion series. Half-way done.

Wind Whisperer. Fourth book in EV series. First Chapter.

Deadly Waters. Third book in the companion series. Bookbible.

With Aether at the end. The Epilogue of both series.

I had of course thought to get this series out by the time I turned fifty but that doesn't seem like that's happening so I just want the main part of the series (the four element books) at least out by then. The one companion book and Aether can happen after as long as those books have been out. They were the original set I wrote down, adding the three companion books and Aether after I had started working on book one.

And then of course, there are just two more books so far in the Mortal Voice series.

MVII After Long Silence. Second book. Chapter one done.

MVIII Earth Bound. Third Book. Bookbible started.

I had planned to get MV out just after Earth Reader. Sort of as an omiyage to Kathy Reichs. one of my fav mystery writers. The main character is an Earth Reader who writes the EV books and works with a PI to find missing people. 

After Elemental Voice Series is ended I plan to write a quadrilogy or a tetralogy of books set in my Alliance universe.  I also have a series of five Timelost books  that will be coming out of my Misc. file at about that time as well.  These books are sci-fi/fantasy, different from most of my books which are urban fantasy

Well, I call them urban fantasy since they fit more in that category than any other. Besides just fantasy and paranormal mystery of course.

I have several dragon books as well, both the what I call the Fallborn series as well as what I consider standalones. I usually have a dragon book open along side whatever main book I'm working on.

Just got the two proofs to look at.

I think they're gorgeous. They look just like I want them to. The color is just perfect and definitely captures your attention. Sharon said the pic would be out of focus which it is but I still like the whole.

For this series I wanted an eye-catcher. Both the color and the pic seem to do that.

Now I just got to get the one copy to my proofreader.

I'm just so excited!

I have literally hundreds of story ideas, but these are the ones that have priority. They are the ones I keep coming back to. I even have a blog set up for the Alliance books, though I only have four of them outlined in my head so far.

For some reason I have the feeling the Alliance books will take off.

We'll see.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

An interlude

Flames gave me a little surprise.

I was writing  that they were going back to the cabin when Santino appeared. She tried to inject Nick with the bond breaking drug but Sara knocked it away.  Santino is now really in trouble with the Vampire Council though she's delusional and thinks that she'll only get a slap on the wrist. Her Clan like Nick's is near royalty. Nick sends her away but will she really turn herself in to the Council?

I hadn't planned on Santino showing up. I was thinking she had left when Nick called the Council about her and her ex kicked her out of his place. Then Chapter eight segwayed. 

Wind will now be a little different. because I have a feeling Santino doesn't turn herself in and she figures into Wind prominently. 

I did tell you I'm a pantser, right? :)

Now the scenes in my head are all changing around.

Mortal Voice. I ordered the proofs(two). One for me and one for my proofreader. They should be here by April 4.

I had a college friend go through it before I sent it to Sharon, but like me the friend isn't perfect so there's probably a lot of errors that were missed. We're both terrible with punctuation but I mainly wanted a basic read though to catch any major errors. My proof reader can catch the stuff we missed because she's good.

I can't wait until the book signing. I'll have my new book! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A brief rundown

I set up a free promotion for the 18th of April for my book Earth Reader in lieu of the release of Mortal Voice. It should be out around that time or near there.

I also set up a free promotion for the 5th of May for Fire Walker.

So if you don't already have them, that's the time to get them.

Flames. I'm rounding the chapter out. They interviewed the suspects and next comes a revelation. Also a little 'them time'. After all they are suppose to be on vacation. :)

Wind. Still in the first chapter. They have discovered that the victims have all been to a club just before they died. A club that caters to would-be-vampires. The LEO assigned as their liaison hates fake vampires.

MVII is still in the second chapter. Still haven't figured out what I want in the research material they have so I'm stalled for a bit. Think I'll have Paul go through it, then have someone try to steal it. Stir the pot a bit with that.

Toby's book and 'Eye' is still in the wings, done and waiting.

Deadly Waters bible is still being worked on. I haven't even started the story yet.

Haven't even started Aether's bible yet. The idea is just sitting in my mind.

I have thirty other book ideas on the computer in my Misc. 'books to be worked on' folder, including the two Alliance books. Plus the basket of written ideas that I haven't put on the computer yet. I also have a journal with more story ideas beside my desk. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself so I can write more. I have so many stories I want to write but only two hands and only so much time to work.

Sometimes I even wish I had ghostwriters like James Patterson so I could put out several books at a time.

And of course the money he makes would be nice too. :)

Anyway, I've been distracted by all these plot bunnies hitting me at once. All the stories want to be written and now!  The Alliance books are kicking at me, but I need to finish Elemental Voice books first before I start another series of books since I already got EV, the companion series, and MV going.  The dragon books are on hold right now since 'Eye' is finished.

Once one book is finished, another slips into the slot and I have a hard time holding off on working on it. Since Mortal Voice is done, MVII slid in and when I finished 'Eye' the Alliance books moved up and knocked. But I have EV to finish.

It is always a big deal when I finish a book. I have so many distractions that getting any of the books to the end is like a miracle. Which is why I work on three at a time; at least that way one of them will get finished! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Book signing coming up in May

I set up  a book signing for Cinco de Mayo at ABC Books here in Springfield MO, 11 am to 2 pm.

My new book Mortal Voice should be out and there so if you want a signed copy, come.

Mark your calendars!

The two main characters, Jaci Travers and Paul Rooney, run Necro-Covery which searches for missing persons, presumed dead.  Paul is a PI while Jaci has a unique gift: The earth talks to her like a gossip to her coffeeklatch.  This gift allows Jaci to find the missing, the hidden.

Flames is coming along. I finished the interviews so I just have to round up that chapter. Using fire as the killing method speaks to a passion/strong emotion. That doesn't go away even when the object of that emotion is no longer there. Memories and the mind can play tricks...

Wind. I'm revamping the first chapter and making it longer. I think it needs more than four pages but I'll see how the revamping is going. It might only need four to five pages to start. I made the victims vampires instead of what I originally was going to do. It adds more to the story I think. A wind whisperer killing vampires. If it got out, it would be hunting season on Voices.

Waters. I haven't touch this at all and I need to. The bible needs to get done and I haven't even started the first chapter yet. I don't know where I want it to start though I have scenes for further in the book. It's mainly set in a marina and on a boat. I got a pic of the boat, a catamaran I think they're called. I got to do more research on that too. As I said the bible needs to get done so I have every thing at my fingertips when I need it.

And the dragon books, both Fallborn and standalones, are still in holding. Until 'Eye' is published that's where they'll stay for at least a little while.

I got Flames, Wind, and MVII open to work on right now.

I put a sneak peak of the first Alliance book up on my Sidereal blog. If you haven't seen it already then go read it. I might open it up as well to work on. I'm itching to start them.