Z is for Ghoul

I sighted another convoy of Z’s on the road into the valley. Hopefully the barricade of cars will do its job and keep this group out. I think I set it up tight enough and with enough layers of sharp sticks between that they won’t get through.
It was pure luck that I happened upon this valley.  I had been constantly on the move since the first outbreak happened a year ago. No place was truly safe. If it had people there was always an outbreak or the Z’s were concentrated there.  Even here there had been a group of Z’s though it had obviously been abandoned during the beginning and only held animals.
And a convoy had showed up days after I did.
The Z’s seem to have a sixth sense when it came to their food. That being the uninfected or those infected but still rational as well as any animal. They just seem to know where people were and gathered there. Z’s would attack animals but only if they couldn’t get humans. Humans would be consumed to the bone unless they were lucky, or unlucky depending on your outlook, enough to escape. One bite and they were infected.
It was never discovered what the disease was. The contagion swept the world too fast and those not changed by the virus died from it. Those with higher IQ’s seem especially susceptible and generally died while ordinary people usually became Z’s. Fever was the first symptom, then massive hair loss and then the eyes.
The eyes were the really creepy bit.
Blood exploded in the whites and dripped from the tear ducts while the pupils seemed to vanish.
 It had been established that they couldn’t see in the dark but they sure could sense movement during day or night

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