Teaser 1--Earth

Chapter One

 Sara Phillips glanced at the deputy driving then looked out the window as they pulled into the field.  Two sides of the field were edged by woods while another was where all the cars were parked, ant eh rodad bordered the other end.  A large group of people stood near the cars and Sara recognized the gray-haired Sheriff among them.  She watched as he approached the car and nodded in greeting.

"Sara. Thank you for coming."

"Well, can't pass up the riches, now can I?"

"Yeah, all $200 of it," the sheriff laughed.  "The FBI thinks this guy's a serial killer.  We found two bodies here yesterday."

"Surface or deep?" Sara asked.

"The one was shallow, the other deeper.  Looked like something was digging."

"Well, then I guess I'd better get to it." She slid out of the car and stood. "How'd you get the FBI to let you bring me in?"

"Just told the agents I wanted an expert to look over the site.  The head agent sent for a GPR expert.  He's suppose to be here today too, but I"d rather have you."

"I don't take as long." Of course, the Federal Bureau of Investigation would want a Ground-Penetrating Radar expert to go over the grounds.

"Nope." He gestured towards the group, and a tall man moved towards them. "That's the senior partner, Agent Issaro."

Agent Issaro was at least six foot two, with black hair, and piercing green eyes. He was definitely fit; his suit was form fitting and showed his muscular body.

Sara felt a shiver run up her spine, and she looked at him more closely as he moved closer.  He was a vampire.

In the hundred and twenty years that humans and vampires had co-existed, the government had made many laws to protect both sides. Nowadays, being a vampire was like being black or female, it didn't make a difference in most matters.

"Agent Issaro, this is Sara Phillips, the consultant I told you about."

Issaro held out his hand, and Sara took it, feeling a jolt of electricity go through her at the touch. "Ms. Phillips."

"Call me Sara. I don't hold to formalities."

"Then I'm Nick." Nick let go of her hand and his eyes swept over her again.

Sara knew that he was seeing a mousy looking woman of about forty; brown hair cut short and hazel eyes behind black rims.  She only came up to just above his shoulders, and wore jeans and a tee. "Nick it is then...So the bodies have been removed, Sheriff?"


"Excellent, then they won't interfere with the reading.  Let's get to work, eh?" she moved toward the torn up ground in the field.

"What exactly do you do, Sara?" Nick asked as he fell in step with her, the sheriff following behind them. "The sheriff didn't say."

"I read the Earth."

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