Teaser 3

First place blurb
Book 3: water
Police Consultant Sara Phillips reads the Earth like a medium hears the dead. When bodies are found
tied to the ocean floor she was a little out of her depth and calls on the help of her FBI fiancé Nick Issaro.
Over the next few days Nick and Sara piece together the case and discover the killer's deadly secret--a secret
that Sara shared.
Second Place first paragraph
Book 4: air
The black and white photos in the file didn’t do the corpse justice.
 Partial hemorrhaging marred the eyes bulging out of their sockets,
 confirming the Medical Examiner’s diagnosis of suffocation and making the red face look alien.
 Though the sheet blocked half the view, it could be seen that his whole body was actually tinged red 
and swollen as if he had been sunburned. The skin across his chest had a darker discoloration than the rest,
 but no particular pattern or bruising. According to the M. E., there was no sign of any other trauma
 and no explanation for how his air had been cut off. 

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