Thursday, September 28, 2017

Writing again

Well, I started working again on Flames.

I did a page and a half so far. Nick and Sara just met the Game Warden and the Trooper. And realized that the Game Warden is an ex of Santino. Santino won't like the consequences of her interference.

I also worked a little on Waters' bible.

I'm thinking of making Mortal Voice a modern day magical dragon-shifter story and just do the were story as a one off Voice story.

This is the cover
She's a earth voice and he's a water dragon-shifter. Modern day world but with science the main force but magic accepted. Only a third of the population has magic talent others mental powers, but the largest is mundanes.  Dragons were thought extinct until....

That's backstory. The book starts at a crime scene of course. Kaya and Merrik own Necro-covery, that searches/finds bodies and they are called to a It's fall and the ground is rocky. Also the land has a leyline which interfers with their .magic user abilities to use his own magic since he's a low level.
So they get called in, but only for the normal consultant fee. However it's good PR so they go.

I'm thinking about a trilogy with Mortal Voice.

I still haven't received my business cards from VistaPrint.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


I did this at UPS store. I gave a copy to Rosie's Mom.(Rosie's Toby's playmate at or old address) and kept two copies for myself.

It was just a whim, but I liked it so I decided to do a book for Toby with some of his blog entries. If nothing else I can give them away as gifts at future signings. I'm going to try and sell first of course. The proceeds would go towards his food and treats naturally. 

He's a growing boy. :)

I did a cover on canva. What do you think?

He's definitely my orange crush. Love him loads. That's why he has a blog.

Haven't started back on Flames yet.

I've been nagging my friend Travis about working on his book and here I am procrastinating mine.

I plan to finish Flames then move on to Waters before I do air/wind. 

I also have an idea for another Voice series set in another reality where werewolves exist. Well, shapeshifters of a sort anyway. It's the early days of the Reveal for them and much is still unknown to mundanes about these others.  I plan to call it Mortal Voice. I have it's prequel half way done already for background. The prequel had been started years ago when I first did the Voice idea. I had vampires in one and weres in the other.

Once I'm finished with Elemental Voice I'll move to Mortal Voice. Or do the dragon book I have the meter for on Sidereal Time. 

I also got a glimmer of an idea of a Voice story set in magical times.That one just recently flickered into being. The muse for it is just a baby rabbit right now, curled up asleep. But I'm sure it will grow and hit me with those back feet.

I have literally hundreds of story ideas. Only a third of them are on paper or in my computer. I have always had a hard time settling on just one so it was a real accomplishment when I finished Earth Reader. Everytime I finish a book I feel good, cause I stuck with it long enough to finish and didn't get sidetracked by all the story ideas bombarding me.

Wanting to read is also a distraction. I have books I want to devour. My fav authors come out with a new book and I want to get it and read.  Or a movie comes out about my fav books.

Then there's my ADD. It's hard for me to sit still very long. I play music or the TV in the background to help but sometimes I just can't stay still. At least my office chair swivels and rocks.

At the Book Fest I know I'll be wandering and moving 'cause I won't be able to stay seated for long.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

My new "office"/ Writting area

Finally got all my writing stuff together.

Now I just have to get back to writing!


I had set up the desk and computer when I first moved in but my papers and files were still in other places. Now they're beside the desk in a crate and bin.

The jar of peanuts is unsalted cause I'd have to get up for water or soda...:)

I ordered the business cards. I think they look good but I like abstract designs.

I wanted simple and clean but a touch of color. My other cards are definitely colorful and I still have a lot of them. So both cards are going on the table.
Closer to time and when I got more money I'll get a few copies of my newer book.


Saturday, September 9, 2017


I'm moved for the most part. Still got a bit to move, then I get to unpack more.

Haven't been online for a few days. But I wanted to drop a line to say I'm still around, just busy.

I set up my desk and computer, then unpacked my stereo. Got to have my priorities straight!  lol!

I need to get a loveseat. My couch stayed at the old apartment. A seven foot sofa just won't fit and it was too ragged. 

The Book Fest isn't too far away now. Got to get my stuff in order. Lots of things to do before it comes around.