Saturday, July 15, 2017


Well, I reserved a table at Ozark Indie Bookfest.

Half a table anyway. I can't afford a whole table. The cost of half is hard enough.

I ordered a few books too.  Just a few. I don't have enough money for more than that right now.

Water is going to be out early--Monday. At least it should be so I can order a few copies. People are asking for them. I got three neighbors who are waiting and eager.

I've been reading some of Beverly Connor's Dianne Fallon books. Procrastinating writing Flames some more.:) 

Once I get in the mood to read I go at it almost compulsively. I read and read, and read--especially if it's a series. I don't stop until the last book is done or I lose interest for some reason. My case worker tried to get me interested in the Mortal Instruments series Thursday but I told her I didn't want to start another series.

So I ain't worked on Flames.

I did play on again. Did a few covers for my stories.

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