Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Got them!

Got my proofs!

One went to my steady reader who checks over all consistence against her paper copy of the book.

She makes sure everything ended up in the book.

I left a message for my proofreader. She works nights so hopefully she gets my message. So she'll get one.

And the third's going to another steady reader.

So they'll go fast.

They look awwwwesommmme!

I'm thinking about going to the Indie Bookfest.  I want to get a table but I won't have money 'til August to sign up. I hope they don't run out of tables.

I'll have this new book to put out.  I bet my companion series book goes faster. I think that cover is the best and others agree. 

The main series covers are simple. They show the element and a basic symbol for that element.

I wanted the covers of the companion series to be a little more complicated since the books delve deeper into the couple's relationship which in itself is more complicated. 

And all of them were made on canva.com which was fun.

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