Thursday, June 8, 2017

Another tat

Coming soon!

It's getting put together and formatted right now. Still tentatively scheduled for June 27.  

Sharon's going to put the book numbers on the covers. That way when one has all the books a person can tell which in which order.

I haven't worked on Flames this week. I need to knuckle down and start on it.

The scenes have been swirling.

And the 'bad guy' has a name.

I picked a name whose nickname is male. The person will be androgynous--Spoiler!

I'm still debating how to play the 'bad guy'.  Pushing gender roles. 

And maybe the 'bad guy' has a crush on one of the law officers. ;)

The first two chpts. will have their arrival and the first murder. 

After that I'll get down to business. Santino arriving, tension between everyone, more fires and murders. And Intro Seb the wedding planner.

I've got so many scenes in my head. Each decision can change the next scene. Pantser to the Core!

Aether's full title is Deadly Aether.  It will be the epilogue of both the Elemental Voice and the Companion series'.  

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