Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another ramble

I haven't worked on Flames.

I got too much crap on my mind.

I'm thinking about going back to college. Forensics/Crime lab director or museum director. Both sound interesting to me as they each delve into things that rivet me. I got to fill out an application for SMS--Well, MSU now--and get my transcripts from Kaplan, two letters of recommendation, plus write an essay.  That's just to enter the Graduate program.

 I also got to figure out funding. Loans or try for an assistantship. I'd prefer the assistantship.

This on top of the normal financial worries and my ever present general anxiety.

I need to get back into my writing routine. Writing helps keep me out of trouble by keeping my mind distracted from my worries. I am transported to another world where vampires live next door and psychics consult the police regularly. Where the Vulcan IDIC is a rule not a wish. 

And where people like me fit right in.

After Flames, I got three more books in this world: Wind Whisperer, Deadly Waters, and Deadly Aether. 

Deadly Waters shows that Sara and Nick can't take a vacation without trouble--or dead bodies--showing up.  Even in the middle of the ocean.

Wind Whisperer completes the Shaman cycle for Sara.  She realizes her potential and the bond between her and Nick becomes more. 

Deadly Aether brings back an enemy thought taken care of.  What's a Wedding without a dead body?

Once these books are done I'm not sure which idea I want to do next. There's the Time Lost series, the Dreg Trilogy, or my standalone Dragon books. I also got other standalone book ideas just waiting in the wings.

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