Thursday, June 22, 2017

A little rambling tat

Still haven't worked on Flames.

I wrote a bit of a zombie story last night. It just rambled out when I was staring at the blank page--well, the page wasn't really blank, but it only had three sentences.  I had been wearing my Walking Dead tees the last few days so I know where the idea came from. :)

Only these zombies are more like ghouls than true zombies. Ghouls eat any meat not just brains and no rotting flesh.

So that's what I did yesterday instead of writing Flames.

I'm also distracted by Water. It's in proof stage. The digital proof looked good.  I should be getting my createspace proofs anytime now and I'm excited to see the book. I'm going to be antsy until it's out.

The scenes for Flames are still swirling.

 I got three different ways to intro Santino into the story.  Travis visits them and gets them on board. After that Santino arrives on scene.  I need to write up until then since that stays the same.  But her entrance can be written by varying approaches. 

Once things settle maybe I can make headway on Flames.

I'm thinking about museum director for college.  There's more call for museum personnel than there is for CSI. And I saw some classes that really interest me in that area.

PS  I put the little I wrote on the Zombie story in the pages section.

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