Friday, May 19, 2017

Tatting names

Still working on names for Flame.

I decided the trooper will be female so Trav can get the girl. :)

I think the trooper will be Jonelle Selby. So that name is done.

Got to name the owners of the resort, the gameskeeper, a fishing guide, a spa worker, & three dead bodies. The resort serves its own meat & the fish caught by guests so it has a 'gameskeeper' and fishing guides. 

I think one of the dead bodies will be the gameskeeper--Neil Rafferty, sounds good. So another name down.

Monica and Howard Houghton--the owners. I flipped open the baby book, and M in girls and H in boys came up. My eyes lighted on Monica and Howard so closed the book and flipped it open again--H so Houghton. Good way as any to pick a name.

Let's see about the fishing guide.

G--Grady  and L--Lanz.  So Grady Lanz.

Getting this blog written seems to be good for getting the names done.

Dena is the spa worker.

I'll hold off on the dead bodies until I decide who they'll be, :)

I don't know if I want Seb the wedding planner to be flamboyant or elegant now that I've decided on him being a made vampire. There's a little time yet before I have to decide.

The transgender idea is still simmering.

Here's the formal cake.
Imagine it without the grapes and you have it almost perfectly.  A white 4 tier with a green vine.  Two sheet cakes are added for the rest of the Clan.


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