Thursday, May 25, 2017

End of May Tat

Sent the revised Water to Sharon.


So now it's a waiting game.

Going to go on Canva and make a FB Post so when it's published I can post it on FB sites. But I got to wait on that too until I got the revised cover. 

For Flames all I need is the 'bad guy'. 

I can write the first chapters with out 'him' but I'll have to introduce elements either way.  The first few chapters are the set up and discuss the crimes a bit. After that bits and pieces appear and sometimes even the 'bad guy' so I need to flesh out the character. I got scenes in my head but putting them down can be hard.

And sometimes the 'bad guy' is faceless.

Others "He' is the first I see.

The Elemental Voice series has four major books--Earth Reader, Fire Walker, Water Ferrier, & Wind Whisperer--while the companion series has three--Deadly Sands, Deadly Flames, & Deadly Waters. Aether is the last book in both series. 

I decided to do this group of books first. I have another group of books that are Sci-Fi.  I also have several standalone dragon books.  I have a group of three books that take one Idea in different directions.

These I already have ready to work on in my computer.

In my closet is a large box with more story ideas ready to input into my computer.

As my bio in my books says I started writing story ideas/scenes in high school. I just never finished one until Earth Reader.  The feeling I had when I held it in my hand!

I'll never get tired of the rush I feel every time I open the box and see my book.

Now if only they sell like Harry Potter!  :)

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