Thursday, May 11, 2017

A ramble

Fixed Water so it's revised.

Still working on names for Flames. I decided on "fiery" for the last name of the 'bad guy'.

I still haven't decided on whether the state trooper is going to be male or female. There's good arguments for both. Tension either way just different. I'm leaning more towards female right now. At least that way Trav may get the girl at the end. :)

As to Seb the wedding planner. I think I'll make him a made vampire.

For the 'bad guy' I like the transgender idea. Ole fashion ideals of gender roles but I may twist it up. A boy traumatized by hunting 'cause he's actually a girl. Hmmm.

I let everything simmer in my mind. Then I'll have an epiphany and suddenly I'll have the scenes in my head. Then I can just write.  Though I do have shifts in those scenes as I go along. Choices made changes things.

I found the rings.
Simple rings for a simple wedding. :)

With these two you know the wedding will be anything but simple. A dead body will definitely be on the guest list.

So look forward to that in Aether.

Vampire Basics of my world:
Made vamps live 500 to a thousand years while born vamps live at least two thousand.  Major damage to the spinal column or brain as well as beheading is the only way to kill a vampire. They heal within seconds, minutes at the most from stabbings or gunshot wounds.  For some reason animal wounds take longer.  Transfusing vampire blood or drinking a made vampire's blood can be fatal to humans.  Turning must be consensual or the human may go into a coma.  Mates and companions are off-limits to other vampires' feeding.  

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