Thursday, April 27, 2017

Last tat for April

I started on Flames.

Still don't have names for sure but figured I'd start anyway. I can hatch the names when I get to the characters. Worked on my first book soooo :)

The ex-boyfriend/ Warden is going to be named after my best male friend--well his first name anyway. Travis Mooreson sounds like a good name for a Warden. In my books Trav has been a priest and a fire investigator. And now a member of the Warden Service.  A best friend is anything you need him/her to be.  In this case literaturely.  :)

I don't know if I want the state trooper to be male or female. If female there can be some tension between Santino and the trooper over the Warden but the trooper isn't going to be there much. At least I don't think so. Hmmmm.

Flames has a firebug or at least that what everyone thinks. There's a method to his/her madness.

So far the bad guy's been a bad guy. Males are easier to corrupt. :)

Still undecided about Seb the wedding planner. Vamp or human. Hmm.

This is the wedding dress. The sparkles are diamonds. Nick picks it out for her and presents it to her.
What do you think?

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