Saturday, April 1, 2017

Brief begining Note for April

Still can't decide which book I should do next since Flames and Air/Wind are related.

Flames has Santino flirting and making a pain of herself with Nick. She shows up and makes a real nuisance of herself to her ex, who's a LEO, and Nick with her flirting and butting into the investigation. The bad guy burns a deer blind and a hunting cabin, then the gazebo of a hunting lodge that is also a spa. Sara just getting handle on her fire element but can still control it just gets unruly. I'm debating about the firebug's motive.

In Air/Wind Santino gets her comeuppance when she renews her flirting. She tries again to butt in but this time she pays fatally for her interference.

Soooo which should I do?

I'm leaning towards Flames.

The first page of Flames is done and I have a bible. I still need to flesh out the story.

I also still have Dragon, Scifi, and fantasy stories. Their ideas are loaded into my computer so I can access them when I want. I still have a lot of stories still on paper that I need to add to my computer.

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