Thursday, March 9, 2017

Names, Names

29000 words in Water!

Still on the last full Chapt.  Wrapped up the case and brought Elliot back to the B & B.

All's well, that end's well--Or is it?  *spoiler*

Air/Wind is ready to start. We finally get to meet Maramee!

Flames is ready to start as well. I started a bible for Waters. I need names here as well.

Anyone got some good names for cops/detectives?  Both books need 'em!  I got a 35,000 baby name book and I still have trouble with names!

Everyone would be named Nick, Jon, Sara and Bekka if I had my way!  LOL!!!

Agent Wayne got name from Elliot Ness and John Wayne from movies I was watching that night. When I need a name I look around and see what's near by, naming them off until I hit a name I like. Bad way to get a name 'cause they may not be a Garcia or Landry, though Landry became Landers.

I really need to use that baby book.  :)

 So you got any good names?

Almost St. Patty's Day. My cat's been wearing his green bandana and I got out my pin.

Proof that I have a silver tongue!

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