Thursday, March 2, 2017

March begin status

Last chapt of Water!

Just past 28,000 words!

Wrapping up the case and sending them off on their vacation. I'd like to get it done today but that's not happening! :)

I'm doing a naming contest. Name the bad guy--well woman in this case--of Air/wind and get this folder/notepad. The name has to have something to do with air or wind, but not too obvious like Wendy. Comment with your name and address and if I pick the name you comment it's yours.

Gotta a kinda Silence of the Lambs feel to it, don't it?

I worked on Air/wind's bible and noticed I got some air names but hadn't picked a name for the killer so....

I'm also looking for names for the detectives they will be working with. If I use your name I'll mention you in the 'thanks' section with the winner of the naming contest.  :)

I got the first two paragraphs of both Flames and Air/Wind done to get me started. I only have Waters bible started, but I have a while before I get to it anyway.

 Air/ Wind has an ex-coworker in it like I told her I would do. She probably thought I forgot or maybe she did but I remembered.

And so begins March...

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