Thursday, February 2, 2017


Well, 5 days 'til my birthday.

Getting closer to the big 5-0. Just a couple of years...

I want this series out before I hit 50.  Which I should if I follow my schedule.

Took a break from my books last night and read one by one of my fav. authors. So back to the grind today. LOL.

I'm 21,000 into Water. At the end of this chapt I want to get them kidnapped but it will shorten the book. But that's how my writing is going right now. The new wrinkle added a bit but...

I don't know. I keep seeing them kidnapped at the end of this chapt and the confrontation in the next. the kidnap scene will not leave me alone.  Maybe I should write it in the bible and get it out of my head so I can think past it. Hmmmmmm.

I want to get Water out by May and either Flames or Air/wind out before the end of the year. My publisher thinks I should finish my main series then do my companion series. I usually do which ever one strikes me first.

So I might do Air/wind, then Flames and Waters and leave Aether 'til last.

Gotta think on that.

I'm thinking of getting me a new phone for my birthday as my old one is acting up. So really I have to do something so why not a new one?  LOL  Miss technophob with a new phone, why do I think this will not end good?  LOL

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