Thursday, February 23, 2017

Feb. End month Status

Water is almost done!
Finished the confrontation but not the chapter so still 2 chapt to go! *spoiler* The bad guy in a zone and Elliot on the way to the hospital.  You know I'd never kill Elliot--Debbie would kill ME!
I passed 25,000 words in the middle of this chapt. so I surpassed Sands. But still it's going to be a short book.
For the next book I'm leaning towards Air/Wind. I can do the companion series anytime now that I got the first novelette out. A taste of what is to come, ayyy? :)
Once Air/Wnd is done I'll have the main books finished with Aether as an epilogue of sorts. Both Air/wind and Aether will bring certain things full-circle. Air/wind will resolve the problem of Santino while Aether will formalize the main characters union and launch them forward.
There may be more Elemental books ahead. :)
Flames and Waters can then be done before or after Aether. I ain't decided yet.
I'm starting a solar figure collection. I've got 7 so far. These are the newest two:


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