Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Status

Well, 3,000 short of 10,000 for Jano.

Didn't get as much done this year as last.


Chapt 12. 

Didn't have them kidnapped yet. But added a new wrinkle. Came to me as I was writing so I went with it. Maybe the killer gets upset that they don't act as he wants them to. Hmmmmm.

We'll see what happens with this new wrinkle.


Santino is going to definitely show her true colors in this novelette. At least to Nick and Sara--and through her actions to Elliot.  She shows up with an ex and butts into their holiday.  She makes blatant plays for Nick as well as subtle ones. Sara's not going to put up with her for long!

I did a cover for Aether. It's different from the others as Air/Wind is the book that makes Sara a Shaman and brings it full-circle. Aether is set months later when they get married--human style. Sort of an epilogue. I guess.

Or Maybe a Start of a new series?   :)

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