Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Status of the year

Looks like two people bought my book!

Deadly Sands came out Tuesday in Kindle and Saturday in paperback.

Ordered a few for the people at my housing. Two want one. Hope the order don't take long to get here.


On chapt 8 still. Haven't really worked on it the last few days.

Nick and Sara are going through a change in their bond since she acquired a third element. It is deeper and I will explore it more in Waters, but I'm setting ground work in Water.

Flames and Waters--

Getting Flames ready to work on this month with Jano.
Waters still just mainly a bible.


Working on Flames and Water for Jano, I decided so if I can't do one I'll work on the other. Saturday is mega-write-in. I plan to enjoy the day and not think of anything but writing and networking with my writing friends. 

Only did 254 words so far this month and it's already the 5th so I got to get a move on.  Real Life needs to stop cutting into my writing time! :)

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