Thursday, January 26, 2017

Brief Status

On Chapt. 11 in Water!


Still debating if I want the killer to kidnap them at the end of this chapt. It would shorten the novel which I don't really want but it's stuck in my head and that's what it seems my brain wants to happen. So we'll see.

I also decided that aside from the brief mention, Santino isn't going to be in this book. She will be in Flames though. So that will 'make up' for her not being in this one.  She's going to figure in Flames, a bit in Waters, and fatally in Wind/Air.  I don't know if I want to kill her off in Wind/Air but she will be attacked by the killer.

Decisions, Decisions.


As I said, I'm a Pantser so I just go where the words take me but I see scenes in my head for each book. They're not always in order though. So I have to organize them in my head for each book to get them in order and sometimes there are two scenes for one section.  Which means even I don't always know what's going to happen next in my book.

Which is where I'm at now in Water. I see two endings for chapt. 11 and I don't know which one will win out right now.

So that's the status so are on Water.

Flames and Wind/Air-- Haven't touched them.

Tail and Claws-- Read over Claws again and straighten out a few things. It might turn out to be a Novelette. 

Still under 10,000 for Jano and only a few days to go so I guess I best get to it. :)

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