Saturday, January 21, 2017

A tat

­čśÄShowed Sharon the two Covers and I think we both agree with the very simple one  Unfortunately, I don't have an image just a PDF file So can't show here.

As you can see I added a elemental grif to my page.

Still on Chapt 10 in Water.

But I'm getting to the 'good' part--Sex!  lol!!!

Well, sex and cuddling. 

Body VII will have a message or be a message to the FBI. I still have a bit to work out with that though she's already dead. I'm not sure how I want to play it.  Body VI or VII will be a member of the FBI's CSU....

I might have the bad guy jump the gun and kidnap Sara and Nick before he kills VIII or IX.

There are so many directions it can go from here that I'm just as eager to see where my mind wants to go from here.

I did tell you a long time ago that I'm a pantser.  I know the beginning and the end but the in-between...

I'm like the reader--just following where the words take me.

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