Thursday, December 15, 2016

Proofs and things

Proof is read and marked and given to Sharon to correct on Amazon.

The  book looks great and just what I wanted. I wanted these books to be different from the main series as they slot in between the main books.

The reader said she loved it and didn't find many errors.

Tentative release date: January 3

Water--I'm on chapt. 6. Intro'd the bad guy(spoiler!) as well as a character that will cause some trouble(another spoiler!).

The bond has deepened between the two and in Deadly Waters I will explore it more.

Flames will intro joint meditation that I mention in Water as well as advance the wedding plans. They get a wedding planner in Flames and talk about what each want in their wedding.

Haven't touched Claws.

I've been dreaming about one of my sci-fi stories and I might write a bit in it. At least the scenes I dream.

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