Thursday, December 29, 2016

a bit of a tat

Got a pre-order for Sands!


Put a bit of an announcement on a few Facebook sites. Hopefully more will pre-order.
5 more days and it is officially out!

The New blog--

Worked a little on the Alliance book as a scene came up in my head so I got it out. I also added a blog about Customs.

On to Water...

Finished both Chapt. 6 and Chapt 7.  I started on Chapt. 8. 

Our heroes got some face-time with the bad guy who dropped a hint that he was going to either kill or dump a body that night.

They know the killer, the method, part of the reason why, but proving it is going to be a killer.  LOL!

This book is running along differently than the first two books. Maybe because the characters are changing a bit. I don't know. Water may be the shortest book of the main series or it could fall in line and be along with Fire.

Flames and Waters--

Still haven't touched either.

Wind whisperer and Aether are still up in the Air so to speak, :)

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