Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another tat

I haven't wrote much. Real Life's been kicking my butt again.

Claws--Wrote a paragraph. second confrontation.  Going to reveal a bit about Servants and maybe have a guest appearance of the dragon in human form. I'm still debating that. I might just have him speak a warning.  The well will dry up and the Dune-ers will show up. After all they are the guardians of the desert shrine. Maybe even a sandstorm.

Water--I think I figure out how to start the second chapter. I'm going to start with them getting in the car with the agent. Then I will have them discuss the case briefly as the agent drives. The second Sara steps on the beach she will be hit by the elemental. But she won't be able to completely merge with it until they are taken to their B&B.

Sands--I haven't touch this one at all yet. I plan to write some this Saturday. I need to get them to the party and get the confrontation done!  lol. It's in my head but refuses to come out.

That's the status so far. 

I still plan to have Water and Sands out next year and one of my dragon books at least 2/3 done. Claw is probably going to be a novelette and I think I'll put it out at 99 cents on Amazon Kindle.

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