Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just a tat

Didn't write much this week.

Claws--still chapt 3.

 Wrote a page. I re-read and added a bit here and there. Still thinking on the confrontation with the General. I don't want an info dump but how to explain his interest in Jors without making it sound like one will be tricky.

Water--I messed around with the bible.

With Water I'm still thinking about where chapt 2 should start. I know it ends with the merging of the water element with Sara. So I'm thinking of having either the senior or a junior agent pick them up at the airport and bring them up to date on the way to the crime scene.

Sands--Still headed to the party.

I'm debating about the confrontation in Sands still. I have the picture of the bad guy crashing the party silently. Just coming up to them and threatening the guests. But how to get Nick to have a gun to shoot the SOB. He is after all on vacation and at a fancy do.

There are guards...



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