Thursday, October 6, 2016

Just a brief Note


Claw--Still on Chapt 3. Heading toward the confrontation with the General.

Introduced idea of Dune-ers. The desert dwellers.

Gave a little of Rissa's background.

Started a bible.

Had an idea for this to be first novelette in a 3 novelette omnibus.  Got to think on that a bit.
Water--still at the airport

Didn't write anything the last couple of days.

Not sure where exactly I want chapt 2 to begin--at the receiving airport or at the crime scene. I do know they meet the CSBI agents and they go to the crime scene where Sara encounters the element.

Sands---Still headed to the party.

Didn't write anything here either

But the party and the confrontation is next up.


Real Life's been kickin' my butt.

Got a book signing this Saturday at the Library Center from 11am to 2pm. I'll be there with other writers from Springfield Writer's Guild and maybe some authors from ORA and Sleuths.

Stop by and say Hi!

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