Thursday, October 13, 2016

A brief update

Book signing went okay.

Saw a few people and chatted.

I think my table looks quite nice. :)

Claw---Still on Chapt 3. 

Water---Still at airport/ Chapt 1

Sands--Still headed to party/ Chapt 13.

Didn't write anything this last week.  Just not in the mood.

I've been reading fanfiction and I got addicted to a facebook game (toy blast) three days ago so I'm spending time playing it. :)

I'm planning to spend this Saturday working on my books. I told myself I'm goofing off for the rest of the week but going to knuckle down Saturday. Sands needs to get finished and Water needs to be further along. I'm way behind schedule on both.

Claw & Tail are still up for Jano.

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