Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hump day note

Toby decided to join the blogging craz. :)

You'll find his blog at

Updates on him and other things about him will be shared there.

I haven't done much with Sands.  Just a few words added since last week.

I can see part of the confrontation in my head but I need to lead up to it and I'm still thinking on that. Also the dialog needs tweeking since I changed some things.  So still thinking on this as well.

I'm thinking of having Maramee show up in Water to vet Nick. She wants to make sure he's good enough for Sara and she may have something else to pass along as well. :)

Maramee is in Air as she is the one who contacts them about some suspicious murders. Another wind whisperer may be the cause and Maramee wants Sara to confirm or deny.

Water and Sands will be finish and published during 2017.  Sands is 2/3 done and Water is started so I just have to knuckle down.

Air is started as well.

I still plan to work on one of my dragon books for Jano. Tail or Claw will get done!

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