Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sept Update

Fall is on the way!
Also this Friday Sept 16th and Saturday Sept 17th ORA-Ozarks Romance Authors--is having their final Conference. 
Friday 5pm-7pm is the book signing at Half-Price Books.
Saturday is the main conference at University Plaza.
I haven't touch Sands or Water.
I'm still not sure how I want the confrontation to be in Sands. I know how it starts and ends but the in between still needs work.  Hopefully, I can work on it Thursday with no interruptions.
The coin in Water is going to have Abyssus Abyssum Invocat on the one side and Absolutum Dominium on the other around a Roman number. It's going to be found in the victim's mouth or among the bones in others. After all the Ferryman has to be paid. :)
Spoiler alert!
The killer is murdering these people as sacrifices to the Water element that is residing in the ocean near by. Sara realizes this once she arrives at the scene as the element latches onto her immediately.
However she only gets a sense of the killer--no name.
And I think I will have Maramee show-up to vet Nick. :)

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