Thursday, September 29, 2016

End of month status

Fall is here!

I wrote in 3 of my stories--Sands, Water, and Claw.

In Sands I just wrote a little about her cocktail dress and got them in the car headed toward the party.

Next up--the party and the beginning of the confrontation.

I'm going to end chapt 13 at the beginning of the confrontation and chapt 14 will end with the bad guy's death.  Chapt 15 will be the fall-out. 

Water--I got them to the airport and will finish off the chapter with them flying off. 

Chapt 2 will be them meeting the CSBI in person, then heading to the 'crime scene'.

The water element will latch onto her there and she will sense the bad guy is watching, but there is a crowd of people still hanging around the site so they can't pin the killer down. 

But of course the bad guy's not happy.

And he's got a bit of Gift. 

While that makes him 'compatible' the element didn't choose him for other reasons.

Claw--I finished chapt 2 and began chapt 3. 

Next up for it--the confrontation with bad guy 2--the General.

The General wants to use Jors as a rally point for the rebels so he can take back their lands from the usurper which was another general.

Jors wants nothing to do with this of course.

So that's the status so far with my books.

These are the 3 I plan to get done before the end of 2017. 

Sands should be done before the end of 2016 while Water should be done by May 2017.  Claw is slated for Jano 2017. 

I also plan to start Flame and Air by May 2017.

Flames and Air are slated to be done by 2018. And Tail for Jano 2018.

Waters and Aether are slated for 2019.

I've set these deadlines to help me get going on these two series. But hopefully, I will finish ahead of schedule and get to work on the 30 other books I have put into my computer.

I have hundred of ideas that I have written down over the years since I was a kid. I'd like to be able to at least get some of them 'on paper' as it were.

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