Thursday, September 22, 2016

A bit of writer's block

I wrote a bit in Sands.

I'm on chapt 13. I'm writing the scene leading up to the confrontation between Nick and the bad guy.

Spoiler alert!

Nick and Sara are going to the museum shindig and the bad guy shows up after a bit with some of his followers.

This is where I'm unsure how I want it to go.

Hostage situation or should they just go into another room with bad guy threating violence to keep Nick in line. I'm incline to the latter as it gives possibilities.

But either ends in Nick killing the bad guy.

The followers surrender after hearing bad guy's dead.

Nick gets in trouble though with his boss since it could have went bad.

Sands is 2/3 done so just a bit more and I can get to editing.

As to Water--I haven't touched it.

I'm still thinking on how to do the merge with water element.  As I said in the other blog the element latches onto her when she shows up. I think I'll have her feel it but push it aside until after they go to their hotel room. Then she can do the journey to the Aether.

And the 'bad guy' isn't going to be happy about any of this.  :)

And I still got Maramee to introduce.

She might have to just do everything in Air.

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