Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st September Purrrsday

Well, Toby's still having bouts of bloody emissions so time to change up the food again.  Vet thinks maybe two things--too much indoor formula and different foods between mine and playdate's. So he gave me another suggestion to try. I have to take Toby in later in the month for his yearly so...combine with follow-up.

He seems fine otherwise.

I haven't wrote much in my book. I fiddled with the bad guy's name. I just didn't like it the way it was so I changed it a bit. As I wrote on a friend's post I make my bad guy's name mean something.  My killer in book one meant something along the lines of 'bad priest' and in the second book he was 'fiery twin'.  Sorta inside jokes if you will to share with the reader.

The confrontation with the bad guy is looming closer. It will take place in front of a crowd which causes some problems for Nick which is why he was suspended at the beginning of Fire. 

I think Maramee will have to wait for another book for her formal intro. Though I might have her appear in the Aether during Water. Or she could show up to vet Nick. :)

 I'll think on it.

I found this on youtube.

This is my Fav SciFi theme. This series is what I see our future being though I would prefer Star Trek's version but this is more realistic. Humans being how they are.


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