Friday, August 26, 2016

Last of month update

First off, Toby had another bloody emission but then a clear one. I don't know what's going on with him as he seems fine otherwise. I'm limiting his food intake at the playdates we do. This started about the time we began to have them there. I've changed his food up as well and I might have to again as the vet said that could be part of it. We'll see.

Still not addicted to youTube. I've only been once more to check for anything new.

I've written two pages on Sands and ended Chapt 12.

There's an explanation of the Aether and a bit about spirit animals with meeting Gaea but I didn't want to overwhelm readers or have too much of an info dump. Sara recharges this way and I wanted to explain part of a scene that is in Fire. I hope this chapter isn't too--passive, or seem too irrelevant to this book.

Maramee will just have to wait for her intro.

 I'm not sure how much sex scenes I want in this book. I've alluded to sex a few times but only did two actual scenes so far. Should I put more?


My printer's acting up so I can't print anything right now. Really sucks. Going to the library and getting a copy is really time consuming.

Oh Well.

Tomorrow there's going to be a neighborhood party. I think I'll go and see what's happening.

 I might even win a door prize!  :)

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