Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just a purrsday note

Toby's had the last of his antibiotics and seems better. He was such a baby about taking them and it was indeed a long week.

I've been introduced to the wonder of Youtube today. I knew about it but never went to the site. We shall see if I get addicted.

Saturday afternoon I plan to spend some time on Sands.  It started out as a novelette series that I was only going to publish as a Kindle but I think it's going to be longer. So I'll probably publish both ways.

I added a bit to the bibles but I haven't written anything in either Water or Sands this last week.

I decided on Sara and Nick's spirit animals and on Sara's mentor's. As I said in my last blog I'm not going for the ones everyone usually goes for. My people are different and their spirit guides reflect that as well.  The animals reveal the slice of the elemental spirit that resides in that person.

So yes everyone has one but only some are in touch with that part of themselves.

Most earthy connected beings are toads and that's what I'll have most common people having.  Those connected most with air will have birds. I'm still thinking about fire and water.

I got out my 33 Dirty Dancing sound track album and played it a few time on my new turntable. Beautiful sound and I pictured the movie in my head. Best scratcher investment so far--well besides the flat screen I got through them as well. :)

This points for prizes was an excellent idea that the MOLottery had for awhile. :)

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