Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another purrsday note

Toby had bloody emissions again the other day then today it's fine. The vet said to bring him for a follow up September so I'll wait and see if he has more. Otherwise he seems fine.

I've only been to YouTube once so I ain't addicted yet. :)

I only wrote a few sentences this last week on Sands. I need to at least get Chapt 12 finished so I can build up to the confrontation with the bad guy.

Chapt 12 talks about meditation and the Aether and leads toward the confrontation. We 'meet' her mentor Maramee and Sara's spirit guide as well as getting a glimpse of Nick's. Sara also explains a bit about this world's versions of spirit guides--everyone has one but only a few can interact with them and use that connection to the Aether.  Voices and shaman have direct connections but others subconsciously use theirs and it can make them excel in certain jobs.

 At my workplace one of the 'residents' read my books through the library and said she loved them and couldn't wait 'til Water came out. She said she liked Fire better than Earth. And the daughter of one of my neighbors said the same thing. YAY! 

Now if only a Hollywood director wanted to make them into movies.... :)

Anyway, I plan to work some on Sands this afternoon.  Hopefully, I'll get 12 done and move on to the confrontation. Made vampire(bad guy) against born vampire(Nick) but of course there's a twist.

Ain't there always?  :)

I'm rebuilding my points for prizes. I have my eye on an ice cream maker and an instamatic  mini-photo camera. Since the flat screen and the turntable were good I'm hoping these are as well. But I don't know if I'll have the points.

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