Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another purrsday

I've been lazy for the last week.

Today however I sweep the litter around my cat's litter box and changed the rug under it. It's been over a year since I got the litter box and rug so I decided to at least change the rug. My cat is so messy that the litter goes everywhere but the box. Hense the rug under and around the box.  I sweep and dump excess back in the box every other day. Too bad we can't make them clean up their own mess. :)

I'll probably get a new litter box next paycheck.

I've been working on my budget. So I ain't been completely lazy this last week. I just ain't been working on my book.

Well, I did re-read Sands. But no writing has been done. 

I also spoke to a few people about my books and hopefully I'll get a sale or have them check them out from the library. I'm proud that I got them out, published. And I can't wait to get my others out, though that seems a contradiction right now with my writer's block. :)

In Sands I need to introduce meditation, the Aether or spirit plane, personification of the elements, and maybe even spirit guides. Though not spirit guides like most people know them.  My spirit guides are part of the elements. Thus why most of the guides are land animals since most people are primarily or secondarily linked to the Earth. 

On a side note, I got my new turntable I ordered with points for prize through MoLottery. So I can listen with better quality to my vinyl. I still got my old record player but I like the look of the new one.  Now I can listen to my vinyl in style.

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