Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another purrsday

I've been lazy for the last week.

Today however I sweep the litter around my cat's litter box and changed the rug under it. It's been over a year since I got the litter box and rug so I decided to at least change the rug. My cat is so messy that the litter goes everywhere but the box. Hense the rug under and around the box.  I sweep and dump excess back in the box every other day. Too bad we can't make them clean up their own mess. :)

I'll probably get a new litter box next paycheck.

I've been working on my budget. So I ain't been completely lazy this last week. I just ain't been working on my book.

Well, I did re-read Sands. But no writing has been done. 

I also spoke to a few people about my books and hopefully I'll get a sale or have them check them out from the library. I'm proud that I got them out, published. And I can't wait to get my others out, though that seems a contradiction right now with my writer's block. :)

In Sands I need to introduce meditation, the Aether or spirit plane, personification of the elements, and maybe even spirit guides. Though not spirit guides like most people know them.  My spirit guides are part of the elements. Thus why most of the guides are land animals since most people are primarily or secondarily linked to the Earth. 

On a side note, I got my new turntable I ordered with points for prize through MoLottery. So I can listen with better quality to my vinyl. I still got my old record player but I like the look of the new one.  Now I can listen to my vinyl in style.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Purrsday!

Well my cat had an upset Sunday.

 The neighbor who we have play-dates with got a new bed from a friend who has ferrets. Toby smelled the bed and it literally scared the pee out of him. My neighbor washed it with lots of detergent. He just now has gotten to the point where he can be in the room with it and not be nervous.

Needless to say he's been getting a lot of loving this last week. He was already spoiled but now he's spoiled rotten. :)

I've had Toby--short for Topaz-eyed boy--for over 16 months now.  Since I don't now his birth date I'm debating making it mine as I got him in the same month. Mine's Feb 7 and I got him later in the month. I celebrated his year with me in Feb. I'm debating combining his birthday and time with me together.

You can tell I'm a cat mom with all this. :)

My friend Mary's back home from Rehab.  Hopefully everything's going to get back to normal and she'll be fine. I've been helping her settle back in.

I still don't have much to report on my books. I'm going to re-read the whole of the novelette this Saturday I think to get myself back into the grove. The words just don't seem to be coming right now.

Real life has been interfering with my writing time anyway.

I've straightened up a few things in the bibles but no serious writing.  I'm still thinking over the name change of the bad guy as well as the confrontation. The bad guy's name means 3 dead man/humans right now and I want to keep it close but I'm just not liking it right now. 

The confrontation is still not coming completely together. Maybe I need to watch a few action movies to get me in the mood. :)

I know where I want to go with the new vampire in the future, but I don't want to give too much away now so I got to be careful with how I write her in this book.

So far today's been fine, though I had a bit of tussel at work yesterday. Some people need to grow up and get over themselves. Just because you're considered an adult does not mean you know everything and don't have to listen to anyone else. Arrogant people p*ss me off big time.

Me using that word shows that. I only cuss when I'm mad or frustrated.

I'm going to spend some time listening to some vinyl. That always gets me in a happy mood.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happy Catterday

Cat moms call today Catterday.

Toby's been a troublemaker today, though he's napping right now. He's been getting into things so I took him for a kttty-playdate but he just snooped most of that time.  I spoil him too much but then he's my baby. :)
I don't have much to report on my books. A few words got written but I mainly re-read the last chapter of Sands and looked over its bible. I need to figure out how to get from the written scene to the scene in my head. There's some time lapse and change of scenery between the two.
They've just been kicked to the side and the new FBI agent--whose both female and a vampire--is taking over the case. The next scene in my head is them getting interrupted at the gala at the museum that night.
Then there's the confrontation between the bad guy and Nick. Do I want it to be the scene at the museum or later? And I know how it ends and have a vague idea to how it starts but the rest....It all depends on where and when it happens.
And I'm not sure about the bad guy's name. I might change it again.
Maybe I've just been procrastinating... :)
Time to knuckle down and get with it. I need to decide and get to work if I want to get everything done on schedule.
I need to get my brain back in writing mode. 
My friend Mary will be coming home this next week. So she's better and healing. No excuse now not to be able to get back to writing.