Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Manic Tuesday

Well, I'm still here. :)

Woke up yesterday with a headache so I took some pain meds and then back to sleep. I also had to work. Thus no update yesterday.

Sands is still in Chapt 11. I've just been staring at the computer screen this last week when it comes to this story. Just been drawing a blank with this story. Hopefully. I'll get into the groove today.

 So I've been messing with the bible on Water a bit.

I looked up some Latin phrases for the toll coin in Water. Abyssus abyssum invoct--deep calls to deep--is what I think I'll have the coin say on one side. I'm still debating what else the coin will have on it.

Also found the phrase that will announce that she's got the water element--A mari ad mare or from sea to sea. The first two were easy--ashes to ashes, dust to dust--but I wasn't sure about Water and Air. I'm still looking for Air's phrase.  Maybe breathe to breathe?

 But I got time and I have to think about when she does get Air about her then being a shaman. 

I also messed a bit with Tail and the other dragon story. Added the other dragon story to my computer in the folder with Tail but I haven't started a bible for it yet since I only got one chapter done with it and only a vague outline in my head so far. I tentatively renamed it In the Dragon's Claw. 

To compare the two dragon stories. Tail is set in a middle-ages like world with mental powers while Claw is set in an ancient Egyptian type world with elemental magic.  At least that's what I'm thinking right now, but that's subject to change. Like everything else. :)

While I was searching the web for Latin phrases, I also found a site that explains what flowers mean what. So I'm going to put that in my Favs. Nick's not perfect so I'm sure he's going to be needing to make-up.  :)

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